Subject Author Replies
 We are about to lose much history   -Damaja-  2
 Anyone trying out for Dominus beta?   Ethavnabh  2
 Duel meeting April 6th 9:00pm ct   LeeShapa  5
 Anyone remember Casttro, Shonesy, Supernice, Soujin, Airpeddy, or any of the Nunuz guild?   Shones  2
 Old players... Also daamien   lukabrozzix  10
 Sup O_o;;   Oosea.Mordred  26
 My Cloudsong bro   Geibber  8
 WTB Mordred Transfers    Mcbeavex  1
 Anyone from Mordred playing SWTOR?   KaponeGames  0
 Old Timers (C4NT?)   Leeug1  0
 Hi~   Pirbul  8
 oldschool   Sugarbooger1982  1
 What's up mordred?   skidles37_Gaitheurg  9
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you've met anyone from game in real life?    Aliciaday  1
 we are coming....   zuisha  1
 Topic of the Week wants to know about your funniest Ventrilo / TeamSpeak experience   Aliciaday  2
 I know mordred is dead and all but   dinkyrink  6
 2am central = Play on Mordred time   The_Demagogue  6
 @Praise   b0xy  3
 @Xvampiirx   DragonmareX  2
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you've made any New Years Resolutions?    Aliciaday  2
 The only hope for Mordred   JKJudgeX  2
 Well, looks like Mordred is still dead.... with that said...   Lockstock-Mord  17
 If there were a good number of people on Mordred. . .   Kronith_465493  5
 Character Copy   Kronith_465493  20
 Topic of the Week wants to know your thoughts on the alternative rule sets?   Aliciaday  25
 Topic of the Week wants to pay tribute to friends   Aliciaday  11
 Hilariously bad music video about King Arthur   Daamien  2
 Topic of the Week wants about play styles.    Aliciaday  0
 QQ   PereginTDK  26
 Topic of the Week wants to know about rage logging? (ooops)   Aliciaday  2
 any guilds taking new members?   Ethnad  0
  Topic of the Week wants to know which is the friendliest realm?   Aliciaday  1
 Thinking of coming back   realconanthor  8
 Ywain Molvik   shinyy  1
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know your thoughts on the latest patch.   Aliciaday  4
 Still seeking a guild to do draco with    impstomper  3
 Impstomper PvP'ing   Ziris  61
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know what you would do to bring back realm pride   Aliciaday  14
 Crafter Taking Orders   Tonald  0
 New Guilds Have Arised   impstomper  20
 Seriously   RipXaw  12
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.   Aliciaday  2
 With new quest hubs come realm buffers in PVE zones, good for Mordred?   JamieRT  1
 Starter equipment for /40s and new players.   Healerbob  9
 OT : I Created my own website,    DragonmareX  3
 Liervik/Cathal BP armor merchants?   GardianAngel  0
 Topic of the Week wants to know if you participate in the seasonal quest lines   Aliciaday  10
 Former Bedevere Players   Crakke  1
 Healer Template need a few items   shinyy  1
 Need money!!!   CHrisTir  0
 Please ask for me...   HileyQuiggley  5
 Element is recruiting    impstomper  30
 Anyone using name Quiggley?   HileyQuiggley  8
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know if you've tried out Pendragon.   Aliciaday  8
 /level 40 Armor Idea for MYTHIC   _Stinkface_  5
 Has anyone else noticed   Proshotx  2
 Hello Mordred =)   Konrax  24
 Looking for a Friar template for Mordred   Faramire  0
 I have just sent Mythic / EA a ban appeal   DragonmareX  10
 Found an old Email, From Sanya Weathers (Thomas) Director of Community Relations   The_Dragonmare  9
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about your least favorite class.   Aliciaday  0
 TAilor and Scer!!!   impstomper  6
 Been Reading the Mordred Boards, and...?   Cromwell1  3
 wtb BP's pay with ywain plat   Lucky-Charmz  1
 increase drop rate ffs   therealminy  2
 @anyone playing hib   impstomper  11
 i miss mordred   The_Dragonmare  3
 Selling BPS(MLS)   CHrisTir  0
 Summoner's Hall   KeepTake  6
 Going to start a new toon! need help!   CHrisTir  2
 Few guys looking to play mord looking for scales/glass   therealminy  2
 WTB AC/SC job   HumbleHampster  0
 This week's Topic of the Week wants to know, what's your favorite encounter?    Aliciaday  0
 Getting starting on Mordred.   kogacl  33
 any tailor available?   Shamoth  0
 Comments about the status of Mordred from a player who started here from scratch   dannica  41
 Any potion makers?   Ultemate_87  1
 How High   impstomper  3
 New Mordred Players   Ultemate_87  1
 Mini Temp   SaldatBoss  5
 RedKeep Duration?   HumbleHampster  5
 Anyone gonna come back?   impstomper  15
 well   Srq7744  15
 mordred xrealm item restrictions   Phlei  6
 Templates   KompleteS  12
 Topic of the Week wants to know about a memorable RVR encounter?   Aliciaday  1
 Remembering those lost on September 11th 2001   Abominations  2
 Question about keeps...    UndeniablyPsychosmus  1
 xp spots?   Ultemate_87  13
 Can you trade items in for the equivelent of your realm?   HumbleHampster  1
 Question MLS or Artis first?   Ysuro  3
 PC on astral fort chain legs   HumbleHampster  8
 WTB df seals or thane armor   Ultemate_87  5
 pvp   Mrtag25  0
 Anyone crafting melee LWs?   GardianAngel  4
 Endo Pots   impstomper  7
 Ml10   impstomper  11
 @Haylay   NextLOLz  39
 Anyone have some old friar gear? or DF seas?   Unfocused87  2
 I'm back - any players/guild still active?   Hamster_Paresseux  3
 gonna try it again.   Monovep  6
 Valk, Thane, Skald, Or Friar?   Rolbeig  5
 Is farming RP legal on mordred?   HumbleHampster  2
 Sending in Mordred Feedback (You All Should Too)   b0xy  9
 Anyone?   HumbleHampster  7
 WTT Ywain Alb plat for Mordred plat   Unfocused87  3
 Looking to get a fresh start   Unfocused87  16
 140 POP WOW!!!!   bbrice  0
 Any old timers help out a new crew?   HumbleHampster  0
 Tailor   impstomper  1
 Necro/Chanter Question   ChaoticBeener  5
 WTT plat from Mid to Mord   Red_Hotz  0
 Had lots of fun   KompleteS  0
 MORDRED - Return !   DorrannaKall  4
 DF Seals   Greasygypsy  0
 Boosh   Reloth  2
 Infamy   HileyQuiggley  0
 Need an AC'er   Haxern  3
 New Battleground is announced - and it's on Mordred!   Healerbob  24
 new to mordred after 7 years...   Volik87  3
 Need scer   impstomper  3
 Need a pl   Forsakenevil  7
 WTS complete good Berserker temp.   Healerbob  0
 Azure Prayerbound Robe   Reloth  1
 Anyone got theurg temp?   impstomper  2
 need more action in goth   Dunlinde321  0
 Plat For Info   Taokii  7
 how do keeps work on mordred?   Phlei  2
 Cap Crafting in Every Tradeskill to Help   Abominations  0
 Looking for %heal items for a platemail template.    GardianAngel  0
 @healerbob   impstomper  7
 To The Owner Of Hib House 3286   impstomper  11
 Mordred Plat   Haxern  3
 Alb Epic 40/45   Reloth  11
 wtb pvp in goth   artexx  0
 Need: Dragonsworn Manual of Arms   phise  4
 insta level 41   PowPowParn  1
 Whats a Good solo farmer/pvper for mordred   Rolbeig  11
 lol   Healerbob  14
 Exploits On Mordred   Ziris  5
 xp group   Reloth  1
 34 non-anon online - a very good sign!   dannica  3
 Very Good signs   impstomper  7
 Want Scales And Glass?   impstomper  0
 It's 9:21 PM EST...   BryGuy888  5
 Burr's Fang   Congolo_Europe  2
 Salvager needed   .Grillo.  6
 Farm toons   ChaoticBeener  0
 Buffs   Shamoth  15
 46 Cleric LF....   BryGuy888  12
 List of guilds, strength and play times.   sumsing-DOM  0
 Dragon merchant Jewelry   .Grillo.  2
 Need players   sumsing-DOM  21
 anyone for hib 40/45 epic quest?   Phlei  3
 Anyone got extra scales?   Etored-Ywain9  0
 Best glass/scale farming duo?   Phlei  5
 9:00 mst ready to do something    Mrtag25  1
 ELEMENT is BACK!!!!!   impstomper  3
 The RP and BP bonus is not working.   dannica  0
 New Videos For Mordred   -Damaja-  6
 Anyone spare some bp's   Gurrier  10
 Resub Tonight   KompleteS  8
 Don't claim keeps on Mordred.   Healerbob  34
 Can you /40 a cata class?   espey  5
 Do 3v3 in Isle of Glass maybe?   Congolo_Europe  8
 Pierce Blademaster template MHI :)   Congolo_Europe  2
 Mordred has hope! o.O   Healerbob  72
 anyone out there looking for a fight?   Muddy_Waters1  1
 anyone wanna duel?   Etored-Ywain9  3
 Anyone do ML10 here?   HileyQuiggley  5
 LF cheap farmable caster thane temp   Etored-Ywain9  0
 Crafters available on Mordred   Grummur  14
 Bracer of Snow on Mord   HumbleHampster  2
 Anyone have some old cloth armor   .Grillo.  3
 Mr Mentor   Mrtag25  20
 Paladin template   Chamberdumping  3
 Does anything happen in NF/laby/bg's here?   HumbleHampster  3
 Whats the deal with starting a guild on mord?   HumbleHampster  23
 My try on a farmable bd template   Congolo_Europe  7
 I am here too   Ysuro  0
 Moa you are not good.   Healerbob  1
 Starting out my lvl 40 skald   Trepx21  14
 Cheap generic caster template for Mordred   Healerbob  14
 Everyone says if the pop was100 they would come back...   impstomper  6
 Where do you PVP   Mrtag25  6
 Easy templating for newcomers.   Healerbob  11
 Crafters Thread   phise  2
 Tailor   phise  0
 Need a Cheap Zerker Template   Devaster-S-  6
 Mord Farm Combo   Elrikdragon  8
 Any want to buy me ml1-9 for free on Mordred ?   Congolo_Europe  5
 class choice? vote!   Phlei  2
 Someone Get on and help me take this keep   impstomper  14
 Meeting spot for people who are playing   impstomper  16
 How many are playing?   HileyQuiggley  39
 Ywain: Need Bard   Desuax  3
 Hi   Kalorian  1
 wats up   Hexorcist  3
 New Mentor Structure and Vacant Positions   beibhinn  6
 On Ywain anyone out there?   Simarina  8
 Anyone playing League of Legends?   Blotil  5
 New to Mordred   Dryt  16
 Star Wars The Old Republic   Joda-Staffmaster  8
 So IM dling a 14 day free trial   Blotil  11
 Shinyy, Coronis and April making a DAoC comeback!!!   shinyy  51
 Wouldn't it be funny...   Healerbob  0
 Relic Whore   LavandBedevere  0
 artifact question   Ethnad  2
 Assistance With graphics card choice?   Simarina  1
 AoC hardcore server launches tomorrow   Healerbob  8
 How is everyone?   Proshotx  5
 Dueling in oceanus   mykiep  1
 @dauphin/chris   ryam  4
 Age of Conan : Hardcore pvp server, what do you guys think?   praisemewithcheese  11
 if I started mordred today...   ckgreed  4
 are there any good mmo's out there   SupperYorgyTules  12
 Totally disappointed by rift.   praisemewithcheese  14
 @nick   Stabbers  5
 The Conflict   Geibber  0
 Mythic: Stop ignoring mordred   MidnightDT  23
 Howdy   Grummur  6
 I'm on Mordred right now..   Lakobaath  3
 Been a long time..   Purecattown  3
 LeBomb Rift Whitefall EU Teaser vid.   LeBomb  13
  old inf temp before i quit :)   CHrisTir  3
 Rift Seastone Guardian   SupperYorgyTules  0
 vote yes for Rift FFA server ! !    khavudo132  1
 A passing thought.   _Radrian  5
 @Stabbers / Chuva / And others    SupperYorgyTules  22
 Seastone/Defiant DAoC Guild   Lockstock-Mord  10
 so how is everyone   Hexorcist  6
 DAoC Mordred players planning on playing Rift   Lockstock-Mord  3
 Who Would Come Back?   Abominations  58
 Bringing Mordred to Rift.   Healerbob  29
 To you ACTUAL Players out there....   Crienn  3
 Anyone Have Old Mordred Screenshots Or Videos?   KaponeGames  15
 this just in...   The_Demagogue  0
 @old anthema members or any element or anyone who i played with   impstomper  10
 Dragonsworn Manual of Arms   Mentalburn  2
 'Token' Style Transfer   PereginTDK  1
 Anyone else NOT get their title from the live event?   Mentalburn  3
 WTB/WTT (Mordred) I need a couple Halloween hats 1 alb and 1 hib (any armor type)   Thinkquickly  0
 test   Rthkwzqj  0
 Rift   Nukethiis  0
 DONT go /anon......   Blastoi  2
 @james   Dragnious  6
 Whos Gonna Play Rift?   KaponeGames  43
 Hi   _Sivix  7
 What Guild Were You With?   KaponeGames  44
 Anyone plan on playing?   Lockstock-Mord  4
 I miss the smack talk on mordred   praisemewithcheese  6
 just wanted to say   Hexorcist  4
 Anyone remember me?   Depress  18
 Anyone play ywain   Finnenalle  16
 My Nightshade Videos   Enternum  6
 I miss owning the server   Hysteria480  25
 League of legends   Finnenalle  2
 Can someone tell me why Mythic sucks so much?   Hexorcist  5
 Does anybody have any junk on alb/ywain?   HolyTourniQuet  6
 wombo every morning   Hexorcist  7
 so what has everyone been up to   Hexorcist  23
 Question about keeps,towers and relics...   kxsleeper  15
 I like pie.   Healerbob  8
 what are we gonna talk about   Greasygypsy  12
 @ North Pole Penguin Posse   -Ewout-  5
 Warhammer Online. Anyone playing?   LeBomb  7
 WTT 4-10 Plat Mordred to Ywain Mid   Geibber  5
 Any old friends still on here?   ciarah  3
 clear up   OG_Toopac  14
 old archived camelot herald guilds   Geibber  22
 Any Torcan still around? Even if just on the forums?   kethuras  16
 @ Draco Artificer   PereginTDK  1
 WTB - ML10 One hand Slash or Crush Weapon   Blastoi  8
 Anyone looking to try the new star wars MMORPG coming out next year?   Arantar  11
 Come to Cots for action right noww ;)   Blastoi  6
 VIDEO - of Riscy getting owned BECAUSE he left a keep/camp area. WHOOPS   Blastoi  41
 Is there any fun to be had on Mordred?   PereginTDK  12
 Mordred Live Event - Champions come to the Realms! - PvP against Developers   Daamien  24
 ARE people really playing?    CHrisTir  28
 Someone should open my account   impstomper  1
 Mordred - The Best DAoC Experience You Could Have    -Ewout-  14
 Hard Drinking isnt working anymore   Suicide_Jester  5
 Halo Reach   Stabbers  1
 Any One Want Proxy Cards   -Ewout-  1
 Mord population?   Celayar  21
 Mordred Mosh Pit   Tauntra  1
 Hall of Fame   ooYorgo  72
 skald 1h   1Couz  3
 Mordred: Planning of a Tournament   -Damaja-  65
 starcraft 2 reviews? anyone thats played...   Olderthandirt  21
 League of legends?   Hysteria480  32
 does anyone have Warlogy's Banda video uploaded somewheres   stroszek  7
  New MMO's purposely avoiding PvP. Is our niche getting the axe?   Grummur  16
 On mordred atm... How is it really here?   chriswfoster  8
 How many of you fellas trying Old Republic?   Grummur  16
 ~~~~~~~~~~MORDRED LAST CHANCE REVIVAL AT REAL 8v8~~~~~~~~   dreztina  26
 Weird.   thragnoth  12
 That One Moment on Mordred   -Damaja-  187
 What was the first toon you made on mord?   portablehospital  69

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