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Subject: The Conflict

It is the summer of 1914. The Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and his wife have just been assassinated in Sarajevo. In retaliation for this offense, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary has declared war on Serbia, an ally of Russia. This sparks a world of controversy and very quickly large military powers such as Germany, The Ottoman Empire, France, and Great Britain join in the fray. Two allegiances emerge, The Central Powers & The Allied Powers, with one goal in mind: WAR!

Do you have the economic aptitude and tactical know how to help your nation survive “The Conflict” and rescue a world in peril. Are you brave enough to face mustard gas, blimps, tanks, planes and other modern warfare in order to lead your alliance to victory? “The Great War” has begun, and ready or not, you better lace up your boots and prepare for battle.

The Conflict is a global-strategy based game designed around the economic and military conditions of Europe in 1914.

The Conflict contains:

1 Game Board
1 Operations Manual
7 Pouches
7 Nations (Colored Game Pieces)
125 Territorial Markers
50 White Unit Markers
25 Blue Unit Markers
20 Red Unit Markers
7 Nation Cards
1 Nation Sheet Pad
2 D20 Dice

Note: Military units will vary per nation, based on the technological restraints of the nation and its overall capability for growth.

At this time we are accepting pre-orders.
We project that the game will be available in April 2011.

stay updated on facebook or get in touch with the man in charge regarding comments or questions.

the creator Brandon Parsons talked to me today, asked if i had a minute to talk, and if my interest was in strategy board games, letting me and others know that pre-orders are now available for picking up this new game, sent me a proto-type rulebook by email to further peek my interest and see how the game will work and if i have any questions to let him know, he is doing his part to re-vamp the strategy board game industry, its been stagnant with deluxe editions and collector editions of games that are all the same, nice guy just trying to start his business venture and stay out of debt and stay slightly afloat and pay bills while his game is undergoing its final steps for retail release this april 2011. he also cares about feedback and thoughts of his game and would love to hear them.

im uploading the pdf rulebook he sent me so you can also check it out, if your at all a strategist gamer like myself, or know friends who may be

if you enjoyed axis and allies or risk this may be your bag as well


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