Author Topic: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.
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Subject: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.

A few years ago, my husband and I went on vacation. I called home to check on everyone. When my son answered the phone and I asked him what he was doing, he informed me he was redecorating my house, but he wouldn't give me any specifics. I thought, well this will be a nice surprise. I'll get home and the bathroom will finally be painted like I've been asking, or they'll finish putting up my fence. A week later, we returned home. The house was nice and clean, and decorated with balloons and flowers, but no major redecorating. It was nice, but not exactly what I was expecting.

I logged in to vent and game a bit later. I was asked if I could play my druid. I found her parked in the midst of Galladoria. She died a quick and painless death. I released house and quickly found the redecorating my son was talking about. It seems that he and a few guildies from the Redheaded Stepchildren decided to have some fun. Everything in my house had been removed and replaced with Winged Terror trophies and Orey-Eyed Oghamist heads. They were everywhere, and placed strategically so that once I ported in to the house, I'd get stuck in different spots. All of my furniture and decorations had been lifted and was in my vaults, which I had to find. They were giving me hints in vent by having me log in to different characters. Everyone was left in different areas in various forms of dress. My enchanter was left in the middle of Stygia, her gear and armor was in her horse packs. My blademaster was left in NF in a keep we occupied in Midgard, her gear and armor gone, and she was carrying my vaults on her horse. Didn't take long for her to get back home! When I finally got everything back in place the way it should be, I found her gear and armor in the personal vault. It did end up taking me a few hours to put everything back the way it was, but it was one of the funniest moments in game and in vent.

Thank you Destinyshreaks, Provoker, and Getthemoffme for the fun and laughs! It really was a great prank!

So has anyone in game played a practical joke like this on you? Topic of the Week would love to hear about it!

Hey, I'm looking for some topic ideas. If you have any you'd like to see posted, please drop me a line!


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Subject: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.
The other day i logged on mordred and thought rp bonuses might be working this week since me and friends reported them around 200 times now then i went to the herald website... then logged off... there are 2 awesome jokes


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Subject: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know about in game practical jokes.
I bought a game called DAOC and started playing on a PVP server called Mordred. Every time a new patch would come out or changes were made, I would eagerly await the much needed Mordred fixes that would rescue the only server that made the game worth playing. Eventually, the cancer won and the server died.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mythic! You got me, you sneaky prankster you.


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