Author Topic: New Mordred Players
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Subject: New Mordred Players
I am also new to mordred, but have been doing fairly well and getting help from a few people quite often, so i'd like to return the favor to anyone who is trying to take a longterm stay on mord, and is just starting out.

I am looking to give away the following

Bunch of RoG items from killing peridas
DF seals (saph and emerald)
Random armor i've found while leveling that could help someone else
XP Item's (Drakula Scales, Cyraeth Cloaks, Bloody Cyclops eyes)

If your interested in any of this, send me a tell ingame on Holynova.

Hope i can start returning the helpful had others have lent to me.


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Subject: New Mordred Players
If u need anything just pm me on tirdrop! More then happy to help!


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