Author Topic: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know, what's your favorite encounter?
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Subject: This week's Topic of the Week wants to know, what's your favorite encounter?

Anyone that knows me in-game knows I LOVE the dragons, especially Cuuldurach! So much so that when I reached 90 kills, I became enthusiastic and decided to host a marathon raid to earn my slayer title, and a set of remains for the trophy. It was before any changes were ever made to the dragons, so it took a large battle group to take him down. I never thought I would get that many people together long enough to get my title, but at least I'd get a little bit closer. I planned to continue the marathon as long as we didn't wipe the bg, or until there weren't enough people to continue. Then I'd just post another a week later and do it again until I reached my goal.

I posted the raid to the VN's for an early afternoon on a Sunday. To my surprise close to 60 people showed up. The marathon continued on throughout the day. People jumped in and out of the battle group as we waited for respawns, but the numbers stayed consistent, between 60 to 75 players throughout the entire raid. Loot was lotto'd at the end of each kill since people were coming and going. Not once did I win a set of remains. Finally, after close to 8 hours, I hit my 100 kills and got my Slayer title. As for the remains, the battle group came to a consensus, and gave them to me…and then asked for the marathon to continue. At that point, I needed food so I turned the battle group over to someone else.

This weeks Topic of the Week wants to know about your favorite encounter?

If you have an idea for a topic you'd like to see, please drop me a line.


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