Author Topic: Topic of the Week wants to know about a memorable RVR encounter?
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Subject: Topic of the Week wants to know about a memorable RVR encounter?

About 4 or 5 years ago, the quest A Matter of the Heart was introduced. The reward was an ugly little valentine imp lawn trophy and I really wanted it. I was into the trophy's and decorating my house.

The quest required you to go to Agramon Island, find the imp and slay him to get his remains. So one afternoon when things were slow, I went hunting with my blademaster. I found the imp and proceeded to engage him. He was a purple con mob, and pretty tough to solo, but I was holding my own. Along comes a Mercenary who naturally begins to attack me. I wasn't going to back off the imp, he was pretty hard to find and wasn't stationary so If I died and came back, I'd have to start the hunt over. I thought maybe I could kill the mob before the merc took me out. I ignore him and stay on the imp. I really wanted that trophy! After a few hits, he stops and just stands there for a bit. I'm still holding my own, but the imp seems to have the advantage of having a little more life than I do at this point. So the Merc shield slams it, hits it twice then backs off and watches me finish off the job. He bows to me, waves and starts to move on his way. I hit a couple heal pots to bring my health back up, and begin to head towards the Hibernian Lab entrance. Next thing I know, I'm being attacked by a Spiritmaster and Warrior duo. I jump on the SM first, but my hits aren't doing much since the warrior is guarding her while hitting me. Along comes the Merc who starts hitting the Warrior. We win the battle, he bows, I curtsy and we both go our separate ways.

I never did find out who it was, or even if I know him on a Hibernian alt, but since that trophy is still in my yard, I can never forget that very strange encounter.

This weeks Topic of the Week wants to hear about your strangest or most memorable RVR encounter.


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Subject: Topic of the Week wants to know about a memorable RVR encounter?
I think my most memorable moment was more recently when the mid zerg on ywain was hot on my tail while soloing on my smitecleric and I about faced in open field and PB mezzed damn near the entire zerg of 4FG's+.....I didnt live through it of course cuz there was still a FG spare to kill me but I was in tears laughing so I couldnt fight back anyway


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