Author Topic: any guilds taking new members?
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Subject: any guilds taking new members?
im bored on ywain, would be willing to roll on mordred and level some toons, already have a 50 animist there, but im not going to do it if i have to chat with myself all night. and lets face it, without a bot account, which i dont have right now, farming some decent drops will be almost impossible solo, or at the very least slow and boring. i dont need handouts just cool people to chat with and occasional help with harder encounters. just fyi, my veiws on pvp, i dont normally hit a 1v1 fight, but i wont hesitate to kill the winner, im not into ganking greys, or camping the same guy all night til he rage logs, but red does = dead, if you con a color i will not regret the kill. you want more population? let me know.


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