Author Topic: The only hope for Mordred
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Subject: The only hope for Mordred
Is for DAOC to go Free To Play (retaining a subscription option for those who enjoy paying and not having to worry about grinding free to play crap).

This should have been done 3 or 4 years ago, but, whatever. They could at least run one free to play server.

There are many ways it could work...

For one, make all of the non-special-drop crafting materials "buy with real money"... implement a crafting system that allows people to level up without having to pay a million dollars, though.

This would make it so that in order to have a properly templated toon, you'd have to shell out some cash.

Now, increase Condition and Durability loss by a factor of 10 for non-paying characters.

Then, make the ToA scrolls cost a little bit of real money.

This way, you can "play for free" if you are alright with using only dropped items.

Anyway, just one idea to re-invigorate the game and one of many possible ways to make the game Free to Play (You could also require payment for Realm Abilities, or keys to enter certain zones/areas/dungeons/etc).

It's still the best MMO out there...


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Subject: The only hope for Mordred
Never gonna happen


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Subject: The only hope for Mordred
Aliciaday posted:
Never gonna happen

QFT, game is too ancient to become F2P. They'd have to do what other games like L2/AoC did and put in a game store and add fluff stuff people can buy and they don't have anyone who knows how.


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