Author Topic: Topic of the Week wants about play styles.
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Subject: Topic of the Week wants about play styles.

One thing about Dark Age of Camelot, it lends itself to a whole myriad of play styles. I got to thinking about all the different styles over the weekend. I personally like to just kick back in the evening after working all day and relax. Yes, I know I'm retired but I still work around the house. I like to log in and have fun running with friends. Then there are nights when I'm just not feeling quite up to it. I'm getting older, health issues and weather tend to bother me from time to time. On those nights, I like to just quietly catch up on crafting, clean out my vaults or just run around solo doing little, non-stressful things. Some nights I'm really into the RVR. BTW thanks guys. I haven't played my blademaster in quite a while. Last night was a blast! Other nights, I enjoy farming various drops or going over to Gaheris and doing a little PVE. Say what you will about the server but Ywain can never match the friendliness of the players over there, or the relaxed atmosphere. It tends to match my personality and play style more. I tend to be a more relaxed player. I like to play and have fun. I don't care if I die because unlike real life, I can always get a rez, see a healer and smith and I'm good as new! I have a 2 year old, and 5 dogs running around my house, so I do have to occasionally go afk for a few minutes here and there to tend to them. At times, things happen and I have to jump ship without much notice. I'm just here to have fun. Not create a reputation for myself or be the most elite player in the game.

I've kind of made my own definitions of play styles as I'm sure many of you have. There are the cut throats who think being the first one buffed and ready to go is important? They're the ones that have to win every battle and rage log when they don't. They'll drop you from group without a word if they die because naturally, it has to be your fault. You hear them in vent all the time and swear they're going to have a stroke the next time a Kobie tanks down their group. There are the leeches. They log into the game, get into a group, stick to someone and go AFK through 90% of their time in group and just collect on the xp, rp's and loot. The ship hoppers bounce from realm to realm or group to group until they find the most winning combination. The professionals tend to think they know everything there is about every class and every race in the game. They know every encounter and tell you how you should template, how you should play, and even who you should play with. They tend to run a lot with the cut throats and often the two are interchangeable. They forgot how to have fun because this is no longer a game to them. It's a profession! The late comers show up after the group has left and expect a spot in the group. They show up late to every posted raid. Get into a group, then get distracted by television, telephone, dinner cooking, etc. They don't answer you in vent or tells, then whine when the group leaves without them.

So, Topic of the Week wants to know about your play style. Are you typically one of the ones I listed above or a category all in your own?

Do you have any good topic ideas? If you have one you'd like to see posted, please drop me a line!


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