Subject Author Replies
 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 goodbye wintersebb board :(   alamo_We  10
 wtt 4 writs of apology on we for 1 on dt   Mangekyuu  0
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  0
 7 keys, 42 coins on WE for same on SC.   Rhaza  0
 Coins and Keys   Kat_Jekura  0
 5 WoA on WE for same on FF/DT.   FaithFromFear  1
 1 Grand Casino Keyring and 6 imbue tokens   Oreomadness_Forever  0
 WoA trade.   BlightDT  1
 i have five writs of apology on wintersebb for five on dt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   kolbar  2
 Anyone know?   De_Lorian  3
 Capture The Flag - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 @Jeff   Novoal7  1
 Imbue coins and Casino Keys for the same on FF   zuizide  0
 2 Casino Keyrings and 12 Imbue Coins for the same on Solclaim   Si_Wang-mu  0
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 New melee weapon damage max stats    Gibbon_raver  1
 Baby Splash of Air    SplashofPink  1
 GC keyrings here for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 My old pal Lambasted Fox (Sionnach) is gone   TerminalBlackDog  11
 5 golden keyrings (writs of apology) for 5 on MT!    brad-rands  3
 Ft casino keyrings, iso darktide or frostell keyrings   Wheeltide  3
 4 writs of apology FF for 4 a WE    Dinospine  0
 Fs four golden keyrinsg here for four on DT   reluke-of-tls  2
 FT: 30 imbue coins and 5 WoA for same on TD   Jerel_The_Real_One  1
 FT: WOA here for WOA on dt   Legoxiardarktide  0
  Imbue coins and Golden Keyrings on Wintersebb for same on TD   AnnaElyse  0
 774 Imbue Swap coins and 36 Golden Keyrings to trade to HG    keuriocity  1
 Does anyone even play this server?   Legoxiardarktide  2
 Imbue Coins and Golden Keyrings FT to HG - 2 for 1   keuriocity  0
 Trade: 12 Imbue Swap Coins and 2 Grand Casino Golden Keyrings   Nefertiti-SC  0
 Rank 5 here for same on TD   L-G  1
 FT: 5 woa here for 5 on dt   Legoxiardarktide  0
 Decal crash to desktop on login   Paloma_  5
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  1
 So does anyone still talk much on here?   mzstormyrose  9
 Has AC gone FTP yet?   Beezamen  2
 FT: 7 WoA or keyrings here for same on MT   _Rascal_  1
 *****Writs of Apolly on HG*****   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 1 Writ of Apology here ISO 1 on   LaceTP  2
 Few questions for anyone that is left.   Sneaky-Snake  6
 /inhales deep   Hero_Chin  12
 I have 8 Writs of Apology here to trade for same on Thistledown.   Bok-Fu-Do  0
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  1
 A Former bully of mine is being charged with First degree murder.   SplashofPink  12
 Tinker Bot updates   Saloben_ign  3
 Looking for a few people...   NowThenAfterWhen  0
 18 Casino Keyrings (writ of apology) for the same on TD   SnotRocket_TD  1
 Merry Christmas WE!!   SplashofPink  3
 trading 3 golden keyrings here for 3 on frostfell   00mpaL00mpa  1
 Trading 2 Writs of Apology here for 2 on Thistledown   OG_Dynasty  0
 Tinkerbot   Saloben_ign  1
 Writ of apology x5   Ackeblack  1
 ISO Epic, for Tinker/trade Mule   Trintan  2
 ahh i just resubbed =/   QIZ-AoM-draken  3
 Trading 2 Writs of Appology for Darktide Writs or MMDs   Skoli  1
 2 Writs of Apology for trade for same on FF   Faythless_one  1
 I have 6 writs of appology here , looking for the same on FF let me know!   Entrapment_WE  3
 6 writs of appology here for 6 on FF   Entrapment_WE  3
 FA names   crazy_farmer  11
 Want to play Darktide? Info inside.   sawinc24  2
 FT 3 Writs of Apology on HERE for 3 on DT   Security_of_dt  1
 i am coming back   crazy_farmer  5
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 I have 16 writs of Apology on this server for writs on Harvestgain!   Artinas  1
 Got 5 Writs of Apology / Grand Casino Keyrings here for same or equivalent on FF   AntaresBlade  1
 Salvage changes   Saloben_ign  7
 disco   _Elwood_  0
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  4
 Is there really only like 4-5 people polaying on WE?   heartlessarcher  10
 Roll Call   GordonFreeman_  27
 cloak + virinditankclassiclooter   Decapitation  0
 For Wanobe   Becca_WE  1
 Holy Crapola   Kitten_Lola  9
 Am I the only one that remembers this?   Wanobe_WE  10
 Things that make me miss the old times of AC...   Airmails_Queen  12
 Uh oh think I'm finally get the itch to come back.   Wanobe_WE  18
 5 bags of FP salvage of your choice on wintersebb for stuff in DT   MystikalSoul  1
 FT: Stuff. ISO: Stuff   Xenpor_VN  8
 WELL now....   Airmails_Queen  10
 FT: FP salvage of your choice for FP on DT   newrisingsun  1
 Thinking of Coming Back   Deathena1  1
 My wife passed Monday night   The_Clav  19
 ok where is Decal ?   Trintan  0
 thinking about comin back to game   Trintan  3
 X-server FP (DT)   Kalazar22  3
 OT: Butt Measurement   Beezamen  2
 Got FP on FF?   Darq_Nightmare  0
 Need VTank help! (melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  1
 FT: FOUR Bags of Fool Proof Salvage (Any Type) Write of Apology Reward.   Bud_bundy  0
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 OT - Mensa Invitational results   Aymyurdadi  0
 Just came back   xyber_hitman  2
 MMD swap   Dj_cide.  1
 OT - My friend is depressed   Aymyurdadi  1
 AC Nostolgia - Podcast remembering the good ol days of AC   spankinbunker  3
 Heyas WE! :)   Caramel_kiss  6
 Hey Guys rofl   BackToSkeetOut  3
 Years after ha no mustash ha kid   temxs2k4  18
 OT - The Weatherman Said   Aymyurdadi  1
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  0
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  0
 Thinking about playing again   zdudeman110Gunner  2
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  1
 How does one unsub   polemistis  3
 I have a hankering.   -XiahouDun-  10
 OT - The Importance of Walking   Aymyurdadi  4
 IC: Coconut Tusker   -XiahouDun-  1
 This place is sad.   Wanobe_WE  16
 5 bags of FP here for 5 bags on DT   Cyker  0
 Any way I can get Drache's (Eternal Circle Monarch) contact info?   Dark-Merlin-EC  1
 Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside   Night-Spirit  1
 Please Let Me Get 20 Posts ...   srtooley  26
 Looking for Beezamen   srtooley  6
 FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   crazy_farmer  4
 Level 20 and Under PK Competition   Fenping_DT  0
 any of my old crew out there?   Lite-Nomad  6
 Cursed ninja still around?    Damalama  0
 Ot: CONFUCIUS DIDN'T SAY   SplashofPink  2
 Tinker Bot   Saloben_ign  14
 OT Funny stuff!   SplashofPink  0
 Hey There!!!   TheBorg_WE  11
 Happy Birthday Airmail!   SplashofPink  7
 PC: void ring spell Clouded Soul   piccasso  0
 PC Writ of Apology   sleep_aid  21
 .   _Elwood_  20
 FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   crazy_farmer  6
 List of current WE allegiances?   Beltzer_WE  5
 trading 5 writs    De_Lorian  1
 After 5 months of being away, my new ISO post for Celestial Hand Epics *Updated*   The_Original_Airmail  3
 these boards are so dead =(   QIZ-AoM-draken  30
 Been away for awhile, what's the housing situation like now on WE?   Kerrek-uth-mattar  3
 Logged on yesterday   -holy007-  14
 Darg - In or Out   Timult_Too  3
 OT: Burglar tips?   SplashofPink  2
 OT: Raise?   SplashofPink  1
 ISO epics   polemistis  14
 Windows 7 and decal   SplashofPink  7
 Happy New Years!   Wanobe_WE  2
 Merry Christmas!!   bruce_the_darkknight  2
 OT - Calmness in our lives   Aymyurdadi  1
 Owner of Mishna's Mage VN?   lamentingone  1
 Gift Box Portal Bot Is Back Up!   Endy_The_Unsane  4
 Currently Known 10/12 Gift Box Locations   Silo_HG  3
 OT: Grandpa and the ATO   Aymyurdadi  4
 OT - Never Be Too Emotional With Your Wife   Aymyurdadi  1
 OT: Keep One, Drop One   Xenpor_VN  176
 Which faction to join?   Defaultina  4
 Roll Call   Lost_Darg  14
 Why...........   Lost_Darg  21
 5 bags of any Fp salvage for items on DT. anyone interested?   Emerald_Rooby  1
 Look who it is!!!   cptcruch_we  3
 OT: It's that time again! Christmas\Holiday Card sharing!   SplashofPink  4
 Well its been almost a year....   overslept  14
 Happy Thanksgiving!!   SplashofPink  8
 Parallels   alex3018  4
 Bonus Quest XP Weekend   bruce_the_darkknight  2
 WTT: MMDs here for MMDs on FF   Meola  4
 aer   Dboon_DT  1
 You have successfully canceled your Asheron's Call® subscription. We are sad to see you go...   The_Original_Airmail  21
 New Undead playable toons   SplashofPink  9
 Epics and MFK's   quendin  3
 Looking for Daggers   Heximus1  3
 Returned to AC   Heximus1  6
 New Portal Bot in Holt   MishnaoftheRangers  9
 FS: 3,774,384,000 XP   polemistis  7
 Wheelbarrow Fight!   Golden_we  11
 So I win?   Caramel_kiss  5
 Colosseum and XP changes   -Dark_Omen-  3
 To Gebus, a plea!   Golden_we  6
 My Super Spectacular 10 000 post thread, finally made it!   The_Original_Airmail  16
 ISO a few pieces of armor   X_Dagger  15
 OT: Hardware (Keyboard) Question   UldartheSkilled  5
 OT: Men's Rules   Wicked_Taz  8
 Hey Joe....   The_Clav  4
 Getting back on my feet   Mr.Friend  2
 OT: The future of OJ SImpson (adult)   SplashofPink  5
 Cyns.   Nine_Penny  54
 OT: Heaven and Hell    SplashofPink  2
 DL ac with windows 7?   Mr.Friend  14
 i think i might just resub for a month or two!!   DaFire_Chief  15
 Does anybody know how to get ahold of Atlante??   OGDaNamelessOnes  8
 August release notes starting on Tuesday August 10th   The_Original_Airmail  2
 Is Asheron's Call worth coming back for??   OGDaNamelessOnes  15
 My Farewell   Bobfletcher1  8
 Stuff for sale on my bot, will be available until August 8th.   The_Original_Airmail  8
 My new ISO list for Celestial Hand epics, the boards keeps deleting my post every week or so...   The_Original_Airmail  6
 Paloma   The_Clav  86
 Morning WE!   Mr.Friend  14
 Worth Commin back?   Psycho__Sean  4
 Is your mule full? I can help.   Molten_WE  3
 *Bored* Any old timers still around?    Tassadar5432  164
 Have they combined servers yet?   Beezamen  7
 Hey guys   Darkmagis  1
 Server not available   vn_tidbar  3
 Who wants free stuff?   Skullbizzle  14
 July Release Notes   bruce_the_darkknight  6
 OT - Priceless!   Aymyurdadi  4
 I hate you all!   Wanobe_WE  15
 anyone know if ulgrims scroll still drops off shallows devourers   spawnin420  11
 Returning after years away   JagedTiger  4
 Need some help router.   iownskillz  3
 ISO: Steel   UldartheSkilled  7
 Is there.....   Caramel_kiss  4
 Official Peition Agsinst this new Town Hub!   Chaos_Arrow_MT  17
 OT: Too funny must read.    SplashofPink  1
 ISO: Empyrean Crystal   spawnin420  4
 Turbine Billing has to be the most incompetant group..   Golden_we  3
 Warner Brothers.   Golden_we  18
 How is the server?   Golden_we  13
 ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow   KanenEagleEyes  3
 Happy Birthday Calita!   UldartheSkilled  11
 What allegiances to stay away from?   lamentingone  19
 Hi, It's nice to meet you.   BlueHawkResurrected  6
 Kittens!   Wanobe_WE  33
 ITS A GIRL!!!!   Kybar  10
 Issues w/ Decal crashing the client   Iceess  1
 Removing the cob webs   Iceess  19
 Wedding Event: What did you think?   The_Original_Airmail  14
 People or WintersEbb   Sykeee  25
 Happy Birthday Bruce!   Miatte  14
 Server down?   Bobfletcher1  3
 OT: Six Months    SplashofPink  15
 Reactivating my account   TawhidOdyssey  4
 Funny SNL Skit   Golden_we  4
 Decal still used? If not ...what's the latest and greatest?   Silverclaw_Reborn  1
 What are you listening to?   Golden_we  24
 Battlemage and life/archer   Silverclaw_Reborn  8
 ISO: 400-420 wield 2handers.   Shiraja  2
 FT: Rare #228 Mirror Justice. Check inside for updated stats.   Shiraja  7
 Your thoughts on the Spring Update?   Golden_we  7
 Crystal!   Golden_we  20
 Back to AC please :D   Silverclaw_Reborn  9
 Thoughts on Warner Bros taking over Turbine?   Miatte  20
 Leech spots left   Kybar  10
 OT: (put title here)   Wanobe_WE  1
 UFO spotted in Canada   Golden_we  6
 Decal   SplashofPink  2
 ISO epic focus and storm ward   polemistis  4
 So I dont know why but...   FireReaper  13
 FA at the super farmer store   crazy_farmer  15
 I finally know what this is   Golden_we  2
 Just got an email from Turbine ...   Beezamen  11
 Tailoring... aka Turbine mocks Mc Que   Poozer_WE  77
 ISO epic/major magic d web helm   alcata  3
 Hey WE!   Xenpor_VN  9
 Just uninstalled AC.   Wanobe_WE  4
 Blond GUY joke   SplashofPink  5
 SO i believe i have lost my account   Kybar  4
 PC/IC/FS: Pack Harbinger   UldartheSkilled  8
 Happy Easter Everyone   The_Original_Airmail  2
 The AC itch is back but first a few questions...   Disturbed_The_Crazy  8
 j00 kn0w y0ur 01d 5k3w1 wh3n 7hin95 lik3 7hi5 4r3 345y 70 r34d   Rufluv  10
 please post if you play on WE   Rufluv  34
 Question pertaining to login *Please Help*   Rufluv  3
 OT - Welcome to the newest Termitan!   termitis  26
 Sykoz/Syko Mage...   sykoticstoner420  4
 OT: It's lent!   SplashofPink  4
 questions about EPICS   crazy_farmer  8
 The connection to the server has been lost!   Rahvin_222  2
 ? Lucky White Rabbit's Foot   TerminalBlackDog  1
 OT - LOL   termitis  5
 Cursed Ninja   D_Block_General_B  58
 Darktide Recruits Welcome   Shokta13  1
 Congrats to Canada and the US for a great Olympics and outstanding hockey games   The_Original_Airmail  2
 WHY..   RastaBong  21
 FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   crazy_farmer  11
 a big TY to AYMYUDADI!   armedladyfrog  4
 Serious   Golden_we  7
 Woot I leveled!   Caramel_kiss  8
 ? on Slayer Weapons   TerminalBlackDog  6
  Happy Valentines day   Kobeyashi_Maru  3
 Well, WE   Cyns  46
 Buff bot help   SplashofPink  6
 Bye WE   number-sun  19
 wts Relic Alduressa Set   von_orrick666  1
 MFK keyrings...   Striderlongshanks  1
 decal + vista help   Skullbizzle  12
 Break time for Abu   Abudaman  14
 Teh Darg.....   Lost_Darg  32
 Dear Golden.   Wanobe_WE  4
 FoTM?   Caramel_kiss  8
 OT: One day at the zoo --(Joke)--   Golden_we  2
 Random thread is random   Golden_we  1
 IC: Celestial Hand Armor   UldartheSkilled  2
 IC: Radiant Blood Armor   UldartheSkilled  3
 ISO: Max damage 400 wield blunt hammer.   UncleDucka  2
 New Demetri Martin. ~Important Things~   Golden_we  2
 ISO: Non 150 required majors.   Shiraja  2
 FT: Yellow Colosseum Ring(s)   Self_adhesive  1
 ISO: Elwin the Mage...   Kobeyashi_Maru  9
 Buying Col trophies   Bobfletcher1  3
 ISO: a few items   polemistis  5
 FS: Radiant Blood Solls Double Major: TwoHanded & Coordination   TerminalBlackDog  1
 Updated list of Celestial Hand Epics required to finish my suit and the extra pieces I have to trade   The_Original_Airmail  6
 The longest thread in WE history.   Golden_we  350

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