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Subject: For Wanobe
Wanobe, I haven't posted enough to send private messages, so everyone gets to see
what I write in response to you.

Population varies greatly by time of day, I don't remember your time zone off the top of my head. Asking for help with anything usually results with a "look it up", but a new friend and
I are gonna pair up and tackle some of the more difficult content together, maybe get some
to come along for the ride as well.

If you're fairly self sufficient, and got a high enough level toon, and don't mind
having to figure a few things out on your own, I think the new stuff since you left
(and since I had left) is worth re-subbing. A lot of the dungeons I used to frequent
for fellowships are kinda on the barren side, but that leaves more room for me! happy

- Becca


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Subject: For Wanobe
Thanks! Sorry I forgot the whole 20 post rule lol.

I don't really remember what I have left on my toon(s) to be honest as far as gear/money wise. I know Wanobe is like lvl 220 or so and have a few alts lol. I would have to login and see lol.

I'm really leaning towards re-subbing. Gotta do a few things first computer wise... hmm hopefully soon we'll see. happy


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