Author Topic: Worth Commin back?
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Subject: Worth Commin back?
With the new races and push to get new stuff...

I sent Turbine an email about gettting my Acct back. I dont remeber much about it haha.

Is it still a fun game? I played for such a long time..


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Subject: Worth Commin back?
SO worth coming back. It's fun still and the new stuff is great. well most of it lol.


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Subject: Worth Commin back?
I've tried so many betas, and keep coming back to AC.

It's still the best game out there, despite the graphics.


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Subject: Worth Commin back?
Yep game still is fun for the most part.


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Subject: Worth Commin back?
I just retired so i think i'll give it another shot.

Server says it can't recall my info...hope its just because the servers down.


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