Author Topic: ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow
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Subject: ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow
I am not even sure she is still ingame or not. However, I have tracked her down to this being the last server she was on. If anyone knows her or knows how to contact her, please let her know that Kanen Eagle-Eyes is looking for her to speak to her either today or tomorrow. Should she still have my phone number she can call me.

The reason I am looking for her on the forums is that I no longer have an active AC acct.

Thank you all.


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Subject: ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow
I have been playing for 5 years never have I seen that name/names. Sorry hope you find her.


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Subject: ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow
Afraid I never knew her either sad

If you have facebook, you could always join the general AC group there:!/pages/Asherons-Call/30662880912?v=wall&ref=ts Not sure if you'd have a better chance of finding her through that. Although WE is active, not many people check the boards as much as they used to.

Good luck happy


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Subject: ISO Lillan/Madelyn Crow
This is Kanen's original login (had trouble remembering the email I used to create it). I am in her home state and had as bit of time over the weekend. I found a post back in Feb where she was trying to swap MMDs from LC for MMDs on WE.

Thanks all for trying.


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