Author Topic: Need some help router.
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Subject: Need some help router.
my ports are open i still cant play. lets me get ingame to purply me after portal space then conection lost. game works if i unplug router. any sugestions please would be helpfull. ac tech suport blows and i cant contact anyone beside email and that will take 3-5 business days....


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Subject: Need some help router.
You are not giving much information, so its hard to tell what could be causing the problem. The IGN ac utility forum is very helpful for errors like this. The most common problem people are having is if they are running Vista or Windows7 and they install AC into its default directory.

General rule with Vista or Win7. Do not install AC, Decal, or any decal plugins under the program files directory. Create a directory like c:\games and put everything under that.

C:\games\asheron's call
c:\games\decal plugins

Just giving examples.

If it is a port issue then you can look at . This website lets your pick the router you have and then which game you want it to work with. It then walks you through step by step setting up forwarding on that router. (You should do what I stated up top first though because in most cases that fixes it.)


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Subject: Need some help router.
Well I posted this on the other form you posted this question on but:

If your router has an option of NAPT or NAT, switch the router to NAT and it should work.


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Subject: Need some help router.
If you're using a Linksys router, throw away that garbage.

Didn't read the post, sorry, that's where most of the router complaints come from. Soo.. :]


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