Author Topic: Colosseum and XP changes
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Subject: Colosseum and XP changes
From No Worries.....

"Colosseum Changes

We have been discussing making a change to the Colosseum Boss Trophy mechanic for some time now. The original intent of these bosses did not include having them farmed so that their trophies could be ivoried and others could then use them to power level. In fact, the XP gems were put on the vendor in Colosseum for the sole purpose of having a way of passing XP to other players.

Since we were improving the experience gained in the lower character levels, we wanted to hold off on making this change until we had finished enough of these changes. With the addition of the Facility Hub, improvements to quest XP, and an upcoming adjustment to creature XP, we feel a good time for this change will be November.

Starting in the November patch the XP gained from Colosseum Bosses will be received upon handing in the token they drop, not from the item you receive upon handing in the token. At that time the NPC will also no longer take any of the pre-existing items people have collected (All pre-existing tokens can still be handed in for XP). So turn in all of the ones you wish to use before that patch.

We realize this will be seen as a nerf by some of our players but it is actually adjusting the system so that Colosseum is used in the intended way. With how quickly players can level now as compared with when the Colosseum was first introduced, the abuse of this system is no longer necessary by players who wish to get up to high levels quickly.

To go along with this change more versions of the XP gems have been added to the vendor. New gems are 50mil at 20 coins, 20mil at 10 coins, 9mil at 5 coins, 3mil at 2 coins and 1mil at 1 coin.

Creature XP changes

Another change that will also be in effect in November is that creature experience and levels have been adjusted to be more in line with the high xp areas of the game. When ToD was introduced it brought with it several areas where the XP was significantly higher then the existing XP in the game. With November's patch, all of the other creatures in the game will be brought up to these levels. This means that someone who likes to hunt the Fiuns dungeon will not notice much of a difference in their XP earning, but a player who is hunting on the landscape or questing will notice a significant increase in their XP per kill. This should allow people to enjoy a much larger variety of content without having to worry that they are doing so while taking a penalty in earning experience.

Quest Updates

One last change I'd like to mention is that some of the older quests that are no longer used due to how quickly people level past them will be getting readjusted for higher level players so that they have a reason to be used again. At this time we do not know how many of these quests will be adjusted for the November patch. I can say that the first one on the list (which has already been mostly updated at this point) is the Mage Academy quest. Many of you may know it as Lady Jaera's Tomb Quest. It will be a 150+ quest and have some pretty tough monsters in it. The tomb will now create top tier loot as well as a trophy to be turned in for a good chunk of XP."

To paraphrase......."the abuse of this system is no longer necessary by players who wish to get up to high levels quickly."

I read it as...Since the players that learned of this early have already abused our *cough*oversight*cough* to acheive a level on all of their rerolls or mules that they deem sufficient. We understand that there will be a certain amount of animosity by those that thought the system was working just fine, so to lessen the blow to those individuals we offer the ability to abuse our oversight for an additional period of time, rather than doing the "right" thing now. Thank you for your understanding and patience, blah blah blah..

ps. The log in servers will be down for 6 hours every Monday from now on. Thank you for....ah forget it.


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Subject: Colosseum and XP changes
Thanks for the update.


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Subject: Colosseum and XP changes
where is the dislike button?


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Subject: Colosseum and XP changes


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