Subject Author Replies
 FT: Golden Casino Keyrings - ISO on Darktide   -Degamra-  0
 Goodbye LC board   -Myk-  0
 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 Looking for current owner of Nexus Amuli   Talice  0
 ISO Demorted   SapphireKnight2009  0
 wtt 1 writ of apology on lc for 1 on dt   Mangekyuu  0
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  0
 Coins and Keys   Kat_Jekura  0
 2 Grand Casino Keyrings and 12 imbue tokens for the same on either HG, FF or DT   Oreomadness_Forever  1
 WoA trade.   BlightDT  0
 Trading Casino key's   Ready_to_Rumble  1
 i have five writs of apology on leafcull for five on dt!   kolbar  2
 Trading 3 Writs of Apology + Imbue swap coins for same on DT    VN_Cyton  0
 Anyone know?   De_Lorian  2
 Capture The Flag - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 Trading 5 Writs of Apology + Imbue swap coins for same on DT   -Cronos-  0
 blackwater allegiance -- sizzla - pentacle   4f6b65ff4c1622c067  7
 Imbue coins and Casino Keys for the same on FF   zuizide  0
 Writ of Apology and/or 6 Imbue Swap Coins on LC for same or MMDs on DT   conebone4  0
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 New melee weapon damage max stats    Gibbon_raver  1
 GC keyrings here for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 FS five golden keyrings here for 5 on DT   reluke-of-tls  0
 Your thoughts on recent changes?   JustNSane  0
 Trading Golden Keyrings on LC for ones on SC   NukeMage  0
 30 Imbue swap coins on LC for same on TD   Jerel_The_Real_One  0
 606 Imbue Swap coins and 30 Golden Keyrings to trade to HG   keuriocity  1
 Any Decal fix estimates?   lougattzz  1
 FT: Writs of Apology here for DT   Kalazar22  0
 Leafcull home?   Geibber  1
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  0
 Writs of Apology here for same on DT   Dark_Druid  3
 Writs of Apology here for DT writs   Neomatter  1
 writs of apology on Leafcull for Writs on HG   bryan1979  0
 FT: 8 writs of apology on LC for 8 on MT   _Rascal_  0
 ****Writs of Apolly on HG*****   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 Sooo..   RaneDarkblood  3
 Seeking Writs of Apology on Darktide   Prodan-FF  0
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  2
 6 Golden Casino Keyrings on VT for 6 Golden Keyrings on HG?   bryan1979  0
 Writs of Apology on Leafcall for Writs on TD!!!   OG_Dynasty  0
 Anybody wanna trade a Writ of Apology here for one on FF or DT   DaFire_Chief  2
 HG old timer has 10 writs apol here for 10 on HG   Flexette  1
 Writ of apology x5   Ackeblack  1
 4 writs of apology for trade for same on FF   Faythless_one  1
 14 writs of apology on LC for 14 on MT   _Rascal_  0
 5 writ of apologies for same on frostfell   Owndizzle_FF  1
 Want to play Darktide? Info inside.   sawinc24  1
 AC custom UI   Caladron  2
 Do i or dont i ?   iridion  2
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options    Hot_Shot_TD  0
 I have 6 characters ready to turn in Writ of Apology's on Leafcull :)   Merbid_HG  1
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  0
 ISO: Nexus shadow armor /vt propertydump info to use for tailoring.   TehPersianStallion  0
 Looking for "the Trues" or other monarchy   TemplarNocturne  7
 Kiss of Dereth   Zehkal_Kahn_LC  7
 Looking for a monarch   bobbybLC  2
 Scoop on Magic?   TemplarNocturne  5
 Returning to the Game after break, beta player ;)   jamesrm2002  0
 I actually kind of miss this game...   -fish-  1
 Hello Leafcull   lougattzz  2
 From left field...   -Lysol-  8
 So I'm back after a 5 year hiatus...   acid_sin  1
 Got FP on FF?   Darq_Nightmare  0
 Need VTank help! (Melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  1
 FT: FIVE Bags of Fool Proof Salvage (Any Type) Write of Apology Reward.   Bud_bundy  0
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 Asheron's Call 2   Ibu_Profen  1
 2 Sets of PPGSA on DT for LC items   MasterAilan  0
 FS bags of Fool Proof salvage of YOUR choice!   Dj_cide.  0
 Podcast - AC Nostolgia   spankinbunker  0
 old account migration?   LCmaroney  1
 R.I,,P Calyianna reposted from Scarey Mary   pinkDory  8
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  2
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  0
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  2
 DT transplanted - FTW!!!   BishopCoop_II  7
 Hello out there...   Simitarrahim  0
 AC was the best game I ever played   Xirxes  8
 So I subbed... and I'm broke! Who wants to buy stuff?   Tricky-LC  8
 Coming back after 10 years...need advice please   chaos2222-tk  1
 AC circa December 2001   Ibu_Profen  3
 Just dropping by....   -Vindictive-  2
 FYI: AC forums/Urgent Assist/Report Abuse = Useless   Ivyfairy  3
 Greetings massive from leafcull!!   Smith-n-wesson  0
 Built a new PC...   Ibu_Profen  0
 So Asheron's Call is the only Pay to Play game Turbine has,,,   JustNSane  2
 Trading DT mmds for mmds here   AresMorae  0
 Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside   Night-Spirit  3
 Long time no see   EighthWonder  5
 Level 20 and Under PK Competition   Fenping_DT  1
 ISO PPGSA, PPGSC or PPK   Zuddles  3
 ISO PP heaume's   Zuddles  1
 Curious - Solandra's boards   Muledeer1  1
 Cross-server traders beware   Starcrusher_LC  1
 Trading 2 PP helms on LC for 1 on DT   raistalin_520  4
 Looking for feedback....i decided to learn how to do this stuff this week.    Sweet_music  0
 Trading MMDS   elsinister  0
 Ac emulator   superstardoku  2
 Hi all   leechgimp  1
 Re-Subbed and Rerolled   vn_gonzothegreat  7
 ISO Top Hats   Mrbrulaii  0
 ISO: Baneo   Darkjester_LC  15
 Master mage question   lougattzz  1
 PPGSA   TyrantEagle  5
 Remember me?   Theshurak  25
 Used to be that if you had a compaint about Turbine...   AsheronsOutcast  2
 Currently Known 10/12 Gift Box Locations   Silo_HG  1
 Lawl   ApolyonLC  0
 Mule   Muledeer1  0
 I re-subbed my accounts... Back in Leafcull   lougattzz  2
 What's up Leafcull??   lougattzz  0
 So yeah, Trying out this 14 day thing. Who is still here?   Cide_LC  2
 New PK server   Ackeblack  85   Soul_Crusher_LC  10
 Golden Gromnies   grastyx  0
 My PP Heaume on LC...   WE_Sol  0
 So this is the LC boards....   Simitarrahim  5
 Remember the "Tinking" Sessions...   Ballossom  7
 !!!!trade health elixirs!!!   Wizardblade  0
 Who what when where?   kryogenic911  2
 Ok Leafcull, fess up   Mahret  37
 ISO Golden Gromnies - Need 7 more...   Zuddles  0
 ISO the owner of the Trader Jane bot in MP on Leafcull    Sucamarto  1
 ISO Tricky, Menikmati and Juggalo James.   RaneDarkblood  4
 I would play AC again...if i could get the game to work.....   OldMinus  1
 Does the original Menikmati play?   Zuddles  3
 Where is Hippo?   Xantiii  2
 Sooooo.....   firebirdtpg  2
 Who still plays?   Phreaker_LC  1
 5 FP bags here for 5 on DT.   AlierionDust  0
 Finally "You have reached the maximum level of 275!   Sucamarto  12
 thinking of coming back   AbcsunAC  8
 Cannot log into game, Any Help?    Tigress77  5
 Who's with me here? Let's have a chat.    Phases_OgMaxim  5
 Just resubscribed...   BoromirtheMagical  2
 Problem With Account Subscribing   -Elrith-  1
 Phases Og'Maxim here. I see some familiar names!    phases78  12
 Is it worth coming back?   -Myk-  18
 MAC and AC   m0nst3r_c0d3  3
 getting account back    m0nst3r_c0d3  4
 convicted felon?   m0nst3r_c0d3  5
 Official Petition Agsinst this new Town Hub!   Chaos_Arrow_MT  1
 Shadows, Gearknights, Virindi(?) Oh my! o.O   Protes  3
 GearKnights are coming  1
 R.I.P my friend.   OnceKnownAsBlight  21
 Sword spec to Mage   Whiskyjack  2
 Yo!   ColonelWhiskyjack1  7
 Just dropping by to say hello :)   cnauta70  0
 WTT 5 fp bags here for stuff on wintersebb   spawnin420  1
 Wont let me patch   LiCorisinn  2
 Fast Track Leveling  3
 Top 3 Loot / Hunting Spots?   Impunity_UVA  2
 It's PATCH DAY  2
 ISO "Deck of Hand" Cards   Sucamarto  0
 Bowen here   Creep_D  0
 Approaching 3 years of offtime and thinking of returning...   Vulgarity_LC  9
 Anyone I know still around?   CalyiannaRevisited  3
 How many here now play WOW that use to play AC?   acid_sin  17
 Public Service Announcement   XeXy_SainT_  0
 PrePatch GSA   retiredoldfart  0
 Im back   Tyrinn77  1
 Authenticating failed   Tyrinn77  0
 error   TntDinomite  0
 Lifetank XI   Kunixp  1
 The connection to the server has been lost!   Rahvin_222  2
 Darktide Recruits Welcome   Shokta13  3
 Nope   frostfire54  0
 I'm back - need a monarchy and some guidance   Impunity_UVA  4
 Hi   Gangster_Of_Love  16
 I am new :D   Duckythedarkfish  1
 ISO - Quill of Benevolence + Ink of Objectification   Sucamarto  7
 Recruits Wanted   Shokta13  1
 Faces of Leafcull!   Xidion_32  4
 ISO Uber Covennat Armor and Uber Bows, Show me what you got as I am in the mood to Shop.   Sucamarto  0
 Server Population?   Impunity_UVA  5
 ISO APO   I-got-the-good-smack  2
 Mad Marauders/Tasias Trues/Knights of the Golden Flame   Denman_V  4
 Hi Guys! Long Time, Really Really Wish they'd make an AC3!   Denman_V  6
 Zophia?   Cryptic80  0
 Greetings from Japan   Kznera  3
 Just Came Back   ApollyonII  2
 Anyone?   XxTroyxX  0
 another thinking of coming back thread   NocAverroes  4
 New Characters, NO buffbots or Mule help.   Oldschoolrussell  3
 Debating on coming back....   Miniman12085  1
 He is almost here   Rolls-RoyceLC  3
 Anyone know if Affinity the buff bot is still around?-Suede Mage   Jaidin_Brissen  5
 Seems it's been a while.. *waves at everyone from long ago*.. ello out there..   Grakmer2Hoser  6
 server down   Darth_Matrix-Outkast  0
 dual client loggin?   Darth_Matrix-Outkast  2
 Server down?   kruyle1222  1
 AC get together in Seattle   thenaeblis  1
 Howdy Folks ;)   JinjiroLC  3
 politically correct x-mas wish   Whiskyjack  3
 Looking 4 rank   Olde_Codger  0
 A way to attract new players to Asheron's Call?   DWDTD  5
 Worldwide AC Server Crashed 10PMCST   Dartmanok  2
 Anyone I know still play?   Vindictive00  2
 So yea havent played in 3 years..   JustNSane  0
 Tokar Tonari?   -Enkill-  0
 Anyone play back in 1999/2000   Nabi_Xie  25
 Anyone on LC in need of loot?   MageChick  0
 Can someone tell me how the new assess creatuer deal works?   JustNSane  5
 Just popped in to say.....Hello   iridion  5
 comeback   caromav  0
 Hello   Katt_Steel  0
 LOL Leafcul Crashed!   baneo  1
 Help geting ingame   ElindilCorn  1
 Epic bludge helm for sale   PinkPantherDT  0
 So a simple question for everyone...   Spiri-toak  3
 Suca is back in da house   Sucamarto  5
 Sucamarto has returned for the 10th anniversary   SucamartoTheTrue  1
 Same T'ing on Harvestgain - Please take a moment to read   Churi-ya  0
 I'm back   Tekblade_BM  1
 ISO a old schooler    distortedmind  6
 Does it make sense to start here?   MageChick  1
 More 10th anniversary info!   -Marie-  0
 September Event Known Issue   -Marie-  0
 10th anniversary and the Temples   -Marie-  0
 10th anniversary is coming...   -Marie-  1
 Anyone know if..   OnceKnownAsBlight  5
 I know its a long shot, but...   Grey27  0
 September 2009 Release Notes & Fan Fiction   -Marie-  0
 September Event Downtime Tuesday 9/22/09 7am EDT - 12pm EDT   -Marie-  0
 those who are making a come back   Overdossed  0
 Looking for Fire Bow   defpolak  0
 Lady Aerfalle Tonight... Round 2... Led by Red Ridding Hood and Celestro   -Celestro-  1
 looking for old friends   bigdoggierules  8
 Scheduled Hotfix Friday August 21st 10am -12pm Eastern   -Marie-  0
 Long time no see   Crylyn  1
 August 2009 Release Notes and Event Fiction   -Marie-  1
 August Event News!!   -Marie-  0
 Is there an LS near Timaru?   m0nkjing  1
 Starting a new guy now is so nice!   TrajanCavalous  14
 Coming back to AC   LebronJamesFTW  0
  6 Writs of Apology for 6 on Harvestgain server   DarkCoil  0
 Alot has changed.   DarkTyde  32
 Yay, I own a villa!   TrajanCavalous  6
 Decal and buffing   Hadagan  3
 Big Grats to Charmed Princess on 275 !   scareymary  4
 Need help on making a comeback for 10yr Anni   Hadagan  4
 Just Stop Now   ApolyonLC  1
 eh?   Dark_Rage_vn  0
 ISO high +MD already imbued 355/375 wield wands   Imhotep_Amun-Ra  0
 Making a come back   KillerRage12  3
 June Event on whats New   Dartmanok  0
 trying to get AC installed again, but getting "A problem occured while patching: 0x80041008"...   KFC-69  6
 June Event News!   -Marie-  0
 looking for some people and those who remember me.   PowerliteVTWonder  5
 Turbine Scheduled Maintenance Monday 6/22/09 7am-12pm EST   -Marie-  0
 Want to Help Make Asheron's Call Better?   -Marie-  0
 Need some help please   XxTroyxX  5
 Go back on my rant/threat??   gilgemesh  2
 Back.. again..   deah_the_mage  1
 Just curious to see.   Ryu_Jin  1
 FS: Triple Epic Ring   Vicenza  0
 Turbine Scheduled Maintenance Monday 6/8/09 7am-12pm EST   -Marie-  0
 ISO: No Wield Bludge Rend Wand    Zed_Zorander  0
 FA: Epic Focus Tassets   _JaGuAr_LeaDeR  1
 Rollout Fiction...see any names you recognize?   Demi-Goddess  3
 soooo....   Zed_Zorander  1
 What up? Whats haaaaappennin'?   RaneDarkblood  3
 Turbine Scheduled Maintenance Monday 5/18/09 7am-12pm EST   -Marie-  0
 May Event News!   -Marie-  1
 ISO: 355 weild +41%meleed BL Rend    Go_LC  4
 Nope   fluffystuffign  0
 FS: Dual Major Silver Solls   Watari  2
 Yeahhhh...until I die   LebronJamesFTW  3
 10th Anniversary Teaser!   -Marie-  0
 OT: Hi everyone, trying to get back into AC!   Dariun_251700  5
 Grats to Jiggi-Watt on 275 !   scareymary  1
 Turbine Global Maintenance 5/4/09 7am EST - 12pm EST   -Marie-  0
 Any oldies still playing?   Go_LC  8
 Looking for Allegiance    Mordloren  3
 FT: PP Olthoi Helm (purple)   Rage_DR  0
 Grats to Forestal Grim II on 275 !   scareymary  1
 FS:Epic Invulnerability Tenassa Sleeves   Watari  6
 Grats to Tabor Ibn Stejar on 275 !   scareymary  3
 April Event Release Notes!   -Marie-  0
 Grats to To Kan Chew on 275 !   scareymary  3
 April Event News!   -Marie-  0
 uP^DATE ON LIFE.   Daruisphalanx  10
 ISO Platemail Girth   Shadywolfe  2
 So, im a returning player   frec  3
 FT: Inscription of Creature,WAR, and Life Self VIII   acid_sin  0
 back to cause mass confusion and hysteria   acid_sin  0
 Having problems With launcher launching AC   Biggie-Smalls77  3
 Authentication Error (help plz)   Rage_DR  2
 Are you daring to challenge me?   waffleninja1  0
 sever down???   uaking  1
 Grats to Madame Misha on 275!    scareymary  3
 So many questions   Dargoth.Hera  5
 FS: Tripple Major   Watari  14
 Heading back after 2 year break... any advice?   Rage_DR  4
 OT: i just watche role model....   deviled_egg  2
 So did anyone notice...   Feelin-Lucky  1
 Chupon's Savior is now level 275!   Gangster_Of_Love  8

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