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Subject: Fast Track Leveling
So what are some of the new ways to get your toon to 50 quickly? We know the old ways of the infusions and turning in tusks and gambling items, things like that. Are there new ways to get your toons to 50 quickly without spending days hunting monkeys or bugs?

I already saw a level 200 shadow so I don't think it's gonna hurt the balance of the world any. Saw one at 143, 6 hours after patch was done... sigh


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Subject: Fast Track Leveling
There's some killtasks associated with the viamontian island, one being a 250 tusker guard killtask that takes like... 3-5 hours to complete (depending on how agressive you are) and gives like...20-30 mill xp... that one is picked up in lin. A lot of the little helpful stuff like that can still be found on thejackcat. Another sure-fire way to get up in levels fast is to find 5-8 people to swear direct, and then force them to macro, and then restock their macros. Not that I'd know anything about that. grin


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Subject: Fast Track Leveling
Just get someone to help you run the hub, so that it goes faster, and you will be at least level 45 in no time at all. And it won't require you to look at tuskers for hours.

The reason their were high level shadows so fast is people bought up a bunch of colosseum xp tokens and other xp trophies and then just spent hours handing them all in. Not sure how or why that was worth grinding out that many tokens just to level up another guy that quick but hey if that's what they find fun.


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Subject: Fast Track Leveling
Look up Assassin's Roost Quest. It gets you 21 million xp and the only thing you need to kill are humans on ML for the contact instructions. Inside the dungeon you only need to do the first 2 trials and then you are done.

And the guys who leveled super fast on day 1 were the ones who had saved up a ton of colo trophies. We had a guy at 170 in like the first day over on FF, but he had a ton of colo trophies to turn in. Doubt he killed anything from 50-170.


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