Author Topic: Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2
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Subject: Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2
Hello my fellow AC nuts, some of you may recall a while ago I posted about restarting a clan on DT, and making a re roll chain to help us Lv. Some of you flamed me about chains not working, some gave encouragement, and others said I would fail miserably. Well I am happy to report to you the current standings of me and my guilds work. As of right now we have around 13 actives, we already have a mansion, buff bot on full time. 3 quests admins who are all on at different times to lead any guild member threw any quest they need. We have a strong PK presence, now don't be confused with the Blood version of Pk. We do not go Noob Bashing, I have made many friends ig who we do not attack. How ever we are full pk and do not ally with anyone. But we have many friends and do not attack people if asked by a guild member. We do not tolerate any BS in clan, we are all adults most married with kids, some ig friends are kids but all with a delightful slightly twisted mature code about us.

Now the last re roll chain we did not more then a month or 2 ago, from that chain the people who were power levelers are all over lv 180 now. The slower more relaxed players are all over 150, so the chain did work quiet well. Some may say a lv 150 in 2 months that is very slow. You gotta think about this, some people don't macro or play all day. Does not mean they should not get help and some xp. If you are a slow leveler you are just in a slower spot in chain. Those that lv faster get better spots in the chain. Now I have been getting messages from people asking if the re roll chain is still going, wanting to get in. So with the new recruits wanting to give it a go, it is time I start round 2 of the re roll chain.

Rules are simple, message me your ig name on DT, Times you play, roll as a Lv 1 do not lv at all until chain is sworn in completely. First come first served for order of the chain, we require you to get to Lv 50 on your own with just the help of the buff bot. You can run all of hub and be lv 50 very fast, or go and do hub with the rest of the re roll chain. Once you hit 50 we will take over from there and power lv you to 100+, so you can have all your magics and be able to be self sufficient. Quests will be run for items you will need, and all help will be given to anyone who asks.

Again if interested PM ME, If you want in send ig name and I will add you to chain list, my only rule is this. Be a good decent person, no foul months or shit talkers will be accepted and booted immediately. If you get killed over and over do not shit talk the person killing you accept it and move on. One thing we want to keep is our rep for being good pk's and more important a trust worthy highly respected guild. My monarch has never sworn to anyone and has always been known ig as a good person, very straight shooter and we aim to keep it that way. Thank you and flame on


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Subject: Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2
Hey Night, Are you originally from LC? I can't pm cause I don't have enough replies but I would be interested.


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Subject: Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2
This makes me want to play AC again.

Damn you, damn you!

Seriously's PKing these days?


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