Author Topic: Back.. again..
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Subject: Back.. again..
I came back.. again to AC. I didn't resub an account that was older, I just created a new account again. I have to say that I like the changes that I've made in playing (still using buff bots, but not taking melee d). I created a Martyr mage, and it feels very much like when I first started Deah. All the way down to having to drain drain drain, then harm (although, this time, I'm not doing it outside of the drunken mad man's tower). It's nice to experience this kind of game play again. Although the biggest difference is the lack of other players. I remember having to take turns in DM at 24/25 killing the tusker guard through the wall. Now, any of the low level, high xp dungeons are pretty much empty. I ran the low level quest series for Sanamar, well, I thought it was a series. It turns out you get the same reward for each part, but you can do all of the parts getting a decent XP reward for 3 as well as items, and for the fourth, pretty much jack.

I did all of this only for the MACE character, as it didn't make sense for the martyr mage, and have to say that I'm dissapointed. I don't know if it was the lack of awesomeness I'm used to seeing on loot, or if the dungeons were exetremely easy (I didn't use a buff bot for the first 4 hours of my character) but time consuming and the reward just didn't pay off. I know the game isn't about quest rewards, but given the fact you start the game with al 150 + impen 2, and complete set of level 2 stat buffs, only to experience the first quest and find it a dud. I'm thinking if the bracelet had level 2 buffs (sprint 2 and regen 2, instead of 1) it would have been a lot more worth it. Hell, just doing the quest I got some items with level 2/3 on them.

But, aside from the quests being weak, the game was quite fun again. It may just be the honey moon phase, but it's still a good time.

I am only using the trial account right now.. but if I resub, I'll just resub the "deah" account, and *maybe* play some of my really old characters (like Dark Hope!) to get things rolling.

Meanwhile, how is server population? Same was when I stopped (march)?


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Subject: Back.. again..
welcome back !


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