Author Topic: Go back on my rant/threat??
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Subject: Go back on my rant/threat??
Was near 1 1/2 years ago, I remember yelling at a turbine employee and demanding to have my accounts all canceled/deleted from their database....also said I would never play another game made by turbine...ever.

That threat may be shown as untrue soon, althought I don't think I could play with the Gilgemesh account again...if they did delete it like I asked=)

Well, anyways, me and my brothers should be back in the world of AC within a day or two. I'm looking to take a little different approach this time. No long term grinding, ever......we'll see how long that lasts though lol:)

From the posts I quickly looked through the only people I see active here that I know are Tabor (grats on 275 btw) and scarey....Is the population changed much in the last 18 months? think you'd see around 300-400 or so on when i last played.

Haven't decided my new chars name yet...but look for me on global... i'll be the idiot yelling out that he used to be Gilge=)


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Subject: Go back on my rant/threat??
Good luck with the no grind approach.
It's really the only to play. You can quest for a few levels.. You'll make it to around 40.. if you repeat a lot of the quests.\

It is really fun to try though, although they've dumbed down the game a lot. The gear and money is VERY easy to come by.. I've made 2 MMDs by level 20 before (using buff bots).

I even tried the "no buff bot" approach on DT, and it's a lot more fun that doing that here. On, DT you generally explore more of the content because you have to find where no one else is. You'll find yourself doing quests for the gear because it's No drop.. and not camped. When was the last time you did Humunds Pyreal Katar?? :-D


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Subject: Go back on my rant/threat??
hey Gil ! come back and try it for a month =) check out some posts about new stuff


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