Author Topic: Long time no see
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Subject: Long time no see
Hey, for some reason the boards made me pick a different name? wtf is that

Anyone who remembers me.. back in the good old Leafcull days
I am the original of all of these characters:

Shakes the Clown
Uber McRoxor
etc.. lol

I remember some oldies such as:

Jaxom the Fierce (where the hell did you go?)
Vrai (where are ya bud)
Scarey Mary, hope you're still here =)
Rallos Zaph (where are you as well..)
many, many, many, more..

I had some good times and bad on AC. It sucked much of my life.. but I met a lot of cool people, as well as some less fortunates.. (Juggalo for example)

I came back a while ago as one of my old accounts and Teh Phreaker (which got recalled, not that I care anyways), and I realized that without these folks, it wasn't the same.

If anyone out there remembers me from back in the day, when motes and shards and shadow specs ruled the way of AC, then please PM me. Not necessarily to talk about AC, but just because you were some good people, and it was always nice to log on and just chat it up.

Also, if anyone knows any people from the above list, please let them know I'd really like to talk to them again. Thanks everyone.


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Subject: Long time no see




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