Author Topic: Decal and buffing
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Subject: Decal and buffing
Hi guys

I now have my AC patching up...5 years worth of patches 61Mb

Great but does Decal still do all the buffing up for you?

Was it Nerfus Buffus? Its been a while and I forget a lot

I tried the links in the sticky but got a lot of dead websites

Anyone got a link for the buff up plugin please?

I downloaded Decal already...just waiting to log in and run around a bit before I configure it

Thanks in advance


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Subject: Decal and buffing
As far as I know, once you have decal installed and updated one of the adds that will let you buff is Lifetank X, just google it, should get a site.


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Subject: Decal and buffing
Nerfus Buffus has been gone for years. Lifetank will buff you, but comes with a lot of overhead and crashes (read the utility boards and you'll see what I mean. It seems like every day there's a post about LT crashing, etc...) It's primarily a combat macro.

There are several plugins made specifically for buffing. Check out the Decal Utilities page here:

Welcome back happy


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Subject: Decal and buffing
With self-7s casting at the speed of 1s, manual buffing isn't too awful these days. Takes only about 2-3 minutes for me. If you have a good mana c or high skills you can actually beat the plugins by forcing spell after spell to cast with 5 mana...


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