Author Topic: those who are making a come back
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Subject: those who are making a come back
honestly I have no idea why I got on vn boards and never really used it but I noticed alot of posts having to do with people making a come back and recognized quite a few names.... If you want my opinion dont come back to AC unless you go to DARKTIDE! I spent 8 years playing on leafcull and I will never go back to a white server... Darktide does have some immaturity but you learn to love it... its like cheap entertainment... when yer bored you can just watch general chat and have a laugh constantly. But anyways I recently started ac again as you all have been saying and I started back up on darktide with a real life buddy and joined an allegiance. The fights are sooo fun nothing like this omfg pklite bs you jumped me! na na na no theres epic battles and rewards to be had.. And makes for a much more challenging and new experience. So if you REALLY want to come back to AC darktide is the way to go.


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