Author Topic: Looking for Fire Bow
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Subject: Looking for Fire Bow
Just came back to AC after 4 years off and it seems that I don't have a fire rend bow anymore -- probably left in my house. I'm looking to buy one as my imbue and tink guy no longer plays and until I get the hang of things and make one out of my mules I will be out a fire bow.

If you have one for sell just let me know and what you are asking for it. I have tons of salvage - MMDs - SIKs (heard these were not so good anymore though but who knows) . . . or if you are looking for other items just let me know (I have some tessera's too -- not sure which ones at this moment)

Just post here the stats and asking price --- not looking for anything too good --- something I can hunt with though.

Character is 113 and could wield all the bows back in the day --- I know they have a base bow must be 340 or something like that and I could wield those but I'm not sure if they have even better weapons now a days.

Thanks for the help.


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