Author Topic: Recruits Wanted
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Subject: Recruits Wanted
Hey guys, I know there's a lot of you out there that just don't want to deal with Darktide. You log in, get to level 5, and get ganked in Holtburg everytime you try to do anything.

I'm currently in a very friendly clan on Darktide with a mansion/ buffbot that's on 90% of the time, portals to great noob leveling areas, and 20+ actives that are always willing to help.

I have a few high level characters and am looking for some new recruits to show the ropes to on DT and help level up my alchemist/tinker.

This could be a fresh oppertunity to start some new characters in a server with a whole new challenge. Yes, it can be rough, but having some friends can help a lot.

If anyone's interested, please respond here or get me in game as Desol.


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Subject: Recruits Wanted
Would consider it if I still played. :-)

I've tried on Darktide a few times, but just never felt comfortable feeling like I'm constantly being hunted. I'd rather take things at *my* pace, not someone else's.


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