Author Topic: 10th anniversary is coming...
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Subject: 10th anniversary is coming...

We wanted to give players a preview of another new feature of the 10th anniversary update:

All over Dereth, with the release of the 10th anniversary patch, geared trinkets infused with Aetherium have begun to appear. Creatures have begun finding these in remote corners of the land and carrying them. Many of these trinkets have strong magical properties. People throughout the lands have found that they can find and activate these trinkets and the enchantments they contain, though only one will work for them at a time. Rumors abound that some craftsmen and women have learned a previously unknown new skill that allow them to enhance the magical properties of these geared trinkets to rework them into powerful magical wards and talismans.

With the 10th anniversary we are introducing a new item slot; the trinket slot. This new gear slot will allow you to equip a new type of loot called, not surprisingly, trinkets. These gear worked items can carry enchantments just like jewelry and will drop from loot. Trinkets will drop at all levels so low and mid level characters will be able to enjoy these items as well.

In addition, there is a new skill called Gearcrafting. This skill (cost is 2/-) allows a character to imbue trinkets with a variety of enchantments. Unlike most items, trinkets can be imbued 3 times through crafting which uses this new Gearcraft skill. Using the Gearcraft skill does not attune/bond items to you; you are free to sell or trade trinkets that you have imbued using Gearcraft. Each trinket can be imbued with one major, one moderate, and one minor imbue. These imbues add spells to the trinket that can have a variety of effects.

In additon, Gearcraft can be used to create special geared items that will make some of the less used skills more, well, useful. These items have a variety of levels, and their effectiveness increased with their skill requirement.

~ Assess Creature items: Special lenses can be crafted that can be employed by characters skilled in Assess Creature. When equipped and used, these lenses will expose the weaknesses of the enemy, allowing you to do more damage. This debuff works like Imperil and allows characters with high Assess Creature to cast an Imperil like debuff on targets. Though this won't stack with Imperil, it allows weapon using characters with rending weapons to debuff a creature without needing magic. The highest Expose Weakness debuff is equal to Imperil 7.

~ Deception items: Special crystals have been found that are enchanted by the Virindi to boost their magical knowledge. Gear crafters can craft trinkets to hold and power these crystals. These crystals appear to be slightly self aware, and though these crystals can not normally be used by those who are not Virindi, characters with a high Deception skill can fool the crystals enough to get these trinkets to activate. When used from your pack these crystals boost the Arcane Lore of characters with Deception. These crystals will buff your Arcane Lore skill, allowing you to use items previously too complicated for you to understand. The highest Arcane Lore buff will add 40 points to your skill.

~ Leadership items: Special gear enhanced war horns can be crafted that can be employed by characters skilled in Leadership. When used from your pack these war horns buff your entire fellowship. This buff adds to the hit points of everyone in the fellow for 30 minutes. The highest buff will add 10 Health to the fellowship for 30 minutes. Multiple buffs of this type don't stack with each other, but they stack with other buffs.

~ Loyalty items: Special gear enhanced medals can be crafted that can be employed by characters skilled in Loyalty. When used from your pack these medals help boost the moral of your entire fellowship. One type of medal adds a Stamina buff to everyone in the fellowship, while another type of medal adds a Mana buff to everyone in the fellowship. The highest buffs will add 10 Stamina or 10 Mana to the fellowship for 30 minutes. You can have both Stamina and Mana buffed at the same time, and these stack with other buffs. Multiple applications of these buffs do not stack with themselves.


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Subject: 10th anniversary is coming...
I read this article on official forums a little while ago. The trinkets and Gearcraft skill sound awesome. The updates to Assess skills and Deception seem pretty cool too. I may re-sub my account in another month to check this stuff out wink


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