Subject Author Replies
 FT: Golden Casino Keyrings - ISO on Darktide   -Degamra-  0
 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 Lifetank X fix?   Swordswinger50  0
 ISO 400 Wield Lightning Heavy Weapon sword   Oreomadness_Forever  2
 FT: 6 Golden Keyrings for 6 on DT.   .LoXish-KoFC.  0
 wtt 2 writs of apology on hg for 1 on dt   Mangekyuu  0
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  2
 Coins and Keys   Kat_Jekura  0
 ISO Adept set Gloves/Shoes   Shedao-Shai  3
 Helloooooo Everyone   eshannon  0
 WoA Trade.   BlightDT  0
 FT:5 Writs of apology on HG for 5 on DT   VN_Cyton  1
 Anyone know?   De_Lorian  0
 Capture The Flag Event - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 new website   ClairvoyantNightmare  2
 Selling Velveteen Olthoi (Pack Doll)   Knuckleduster-HG  1
 Trading writ of apology + imbue swap coins for same items on DT   -Cronos-  1
 Trading Rank 5 here for Rank 5 on MT   Rigged-Edge  1
 Oh hello there HG =D   Alundra_al-Shabbar  0
 Casino Keys for the same on FF.   zuizide  1
 30 Imbue Swap Coins for trade for Coins on Solclaim   Si_Wang-mu  0
 old pk tourny GT cheated in(i swear)   -Eps  7
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 A Character Named Stephen The Rash   4f618edae4b04dc907  4
 New melee weapon damage max stats    Gibbon_raver  0
 Trading Grand Casino Keyrings and imbue coins for same on MT   yaroz_vn  2
 GC keyrings her for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 Hey Everybody   Chicken.Nugget  9
 Defender Set Double Epic Legs   Shedao-Shai  2
 HG/SC Writ Coin Exchange   gyes  0
 Epic Loot Drops   MaddysDaddy  19
 What is the best spec these days   DX_Mage  0
 can i get a price check on a few pre patch items?   vn_quuz  0
 FT: Writs of Apology here for DT   Kalazar22  0
 FT 6 WOA here for 6 on DT   Legoxiardarktide  3
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  1
 it's my birthday and im 21   -Eps  2
 RIP Whitney Houston   Nauri2  2
 A shot in the dark, old char.   ViperWounds  2
 ****Writs of Apolly on HG*****   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 So what decent sized guilds are there these days?   DX_Mage  23
 FS 3 Writs of Apology ISO same on DT   LaceTP  3
 grrr   -Eps  0
 WTT: 5 Writs of Apology Here for 5 on MT   vn_-Chia-  0
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  5
 Shedao Shai's Colo Guide   Shedao-Shai  8
 Who ever runs decal..   DTSince99  1
 Howdy all. Just a quick post about theif on FF   Flexette  1
 A true test of an old timer.   -Spiro-  10
 ?   bigwhatwhat  1
 And i've been running in the streets all day   dire-the-mage  3
 Quote of the Week   .Kid.  4
 Old School Player Photos   ryu_masamune  3
 hai! anyone on Star Wars The Old Republic?   4Ground2Zero0  9
 hello friends.... long time no see!   vn_quuz  10
 ISO Salvaged Marble in bulk   -Eps  1
 Thinkin about resubbing, Nauri can you help me retrive my old VN boards account?   fen-li1  3
 Interactive Dereth map?   echotheory  3
 ISO Cov Armor al 490+ impen 7+ plus acid/pierce/slash/bludge bane spells. 400 wield melee.   -Eps  1
 Writ of apology x5   Ackeblack  1
 ISO: Gt   Purple___Haze  8
 Have no fear for I is here!   RedKimseth  9
 a problem accured while patching: 0x80041012   -Giza-  0
 Want to play Darktide? Info inside.   sawinc24  7
 Writs of apology and a few NICE PP items Here for items on DT   Security_of_dt  1
 Ever so helpful customer support log *smack head*   Nauri2  2
 AC custom UI   Caladron  4
 Korialstrasz - FF Thief.   _SimiuS_  31
 so where do I download decal these days? hope it runs on win7   tsingtao2  4
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 Nauri...   NeMiFieD  9
 Hey HG folks... I have 3 or 4 apology writs here. Looking for SC.   Bob_The_RadialSander  3
 Come join us on FB   Energizer_Bunny  33
 Colosseum coins   aeson_hg  11
 Hi   Rufus-HG  5
 happy thanksgiving!   Forgetmenot1  1
 posts, posts, and more posts   Forgetmenot1  8
 quests and tasks and time wasters   Forgetmenot1  0
 Can Some one relay a Message to Spawn of Hte or anyone in My Guild, please?    _Bonzai_  3
 lets bring this board back. spread the word   ShockaZulu_DT  8
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  0
 /has a sad   Nauri2  6
 Been forever...   Kallinger  3
 Hello Everyone just peeking and wondering if Karesta still plays   Shyne_MBL  4
 Anyone for BF3 on PC?   ExposedHG  1
 I can't decide which...   ACZovyn  3
 might be coming back?   Purple___Haze  4
 ISO: Nexus shadow armor /vt propertydump to use for tailoring.   TehPersianStallion  4
 DT fp for HG stuff   -Giza-  0
 I am back ;)   Hitme666  2
 I remember watching this PK battle...   Josh_of_Freedom  4
 just coming back, which quest items would u say are "necessity" items?   ShockaZulu_DT  1
 Hai old friends   ExposedHG  24
 My new car   -Eps  10
 October Release notes!   Dakmor_Kavu_AoA  7
 Hmmm   Death_By_Design  1
 ISO Major/Epic Strength/Coord   HG_Gt  4
 2 bags of FP salvage of your choice on Harvestgain for stuff in DT   MystikalSoul  1
 Anyone got a full set of lvl 7 creature, life and item to sell?   Merbid_HG  0
 Looking for a lil info   Kristov_aka_Orrion  3
 Damn this board is dead...   Artinas  8
 Writs of Apology (Foolproof)   Kalazar22  1
 Been back for a little bit now   -Desensitized-  4
 This is no Jedi mind trick   4Ground2Zero0  10
 ISO KyBar   Trintan  0
 MMDs   OldPossum  2
 Innate Resist Augs   VN_Lull_Abye  1
 A little late but I've been out of the country...   Rammon  3
 Sad News for HG.. to anyone that knew Bartlo   Karesta_HG  11
 Just can't stop someone this fly   Allrion-BosHG  8
 Well hello there!   Merbid_HG  8
 If I emailed turbine about my AC accounts, would they tell me which toons are on which accounts?   tsingtao2  5
 ISO XP Pass me :)   FalcorThor  0
 ISO: Krawlertwo bot owner   Darq_Nightmare  1
 One of HGs very own on the silver screen!   Dakmor_Kavu_AoA  18
 ISO Someone to help me with Vtank. Offering MMDs for a solution that works!!   Dakmor_Kavu_AoA  4
 Need Vtank help (Melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  4
 Returning after 5 years .... help me catch up   The_Dove  9
 AC Community in WoW?   Sivled  4
 Dearest Ashadfry   Darq_Nightmare  7
 Hi   shansung42013  0
 8-26-11 Knights Reborn summoning of tthuun   suntzukali2  1
 Cross-Server Foolproof Salvage Trade: Trading 2 here for 2 on DT   Meola  1
 nostalgia!   Haleigh  4
 Anyone else not able to log in?   Dj_cide.  2
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 paying really well   SneuxAoA  1
 Refresh Refresh Refresh   ultimate_newbie  5
 ISO Golden Gromnies   Dj_cide.  3
 My ISO List   HG_Gt  0
 been a few years...   Na-taku-AOA  4
 PC on Armor Tinkering Rare   Mystykalie_HG_Jezza  0
 Podcast - Nostalgic for AC   spankinbunker  2
 Price check on a yellow Aetheria.   Dj_cide.  2
 ISO: A lot of Epics   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 Anyone from K-Crew still around?   Dei_Ray_HG  0
 Just got back....   Boy_Kai_HG  1
 Sword or Archer? Been 8 years, logging in tonight   FalcorThor  2
 Wow, been like um, 8 years?   FalcorThor  8
 AC is still around?!?   -Softness-  21
 PKL activity    omgffissomuchbetter  7
 Returning to AC and looking for an allegiance, originally from WE   BeornR  11
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  5
 7-21-11 the knights reborns summoning of tthuun   suntzukali2  0
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  6
 ~~ J-A-K-E aka Jakestaz is ISO: Rift Players   Jakestaz  6
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  1
 Several items for sale   Dj_cide.  4
 sigh... some things never change   Churi-ya  2
 Daks ISO List!!   Dakmor_Kavu_AoA  3
 July 2011 Release notes   Bavoot  0
 Boonwillow still on?   _llac  3
 FS:Ancient Armor Dye   Dj_cide.  0
 Price Check   Dj_cide.  0
 So how did void magic work out?   -Crank  1
 FS Epic Bludge ward bracelet   Dj_cide.  2
 Hey Forgetmenot   pasha123  2
 Server Ka-Boom?   Churi-ya  4
 X-Server Full proof Trade.   vn_immortal-thug  1
 Auction   Dj_cide.  9
 weapon Vs monster what to use?   pasha123  6
 Can I get my old character back?   Move_HG  9
 start hunting Dark Isle guys!!!!   vn_khando  0
 lots of armor for sale   myrahotch  0
 My ISO List   Shedao-Shai  0
 Hey Guys!   AlbusDumbledoreXp  3
 Pasha back on line need some help   pasha123  7
 ISO 370 wield 2hands   Shedao-Shai  0
 June 2011 Patch - Release Notes   Bavoot  0
 Knights Reborn tthuun 6-19-11   suntzukali2  0
 Hey all some items for trade here   Usuffer  1
 hey people sup?   Pountius_Pilatus  10
 Tryin to return to game, billing site won't...   ekajLunatic  1
 Writs of apology/foolproof on Hg for the same on Dt   Doomhunter_DT  0
 Hide and Seek   Webscar  3
 Looks like I'm coming back...again   ChemEngineer  3
 Greetings from Old Pasha    pasha123  22
 what specs should i look for when buying a laptop? iso halp plz so i can return to AC   Spanish-Fly  14
 Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside   Night-Spirit  6
 W00T!! Built in quest sheet with timers!!!!   HG_Gt  3
 Knights reborn tthuun 5-22-11 10 pm eastern   suntzukali2  3
 Organizing the server   suntzukali2  6
 Trolling around, wondering how i can find my old user name and password?   whatupnewyork  5
 WTT: Copper PP heamue for stuff on DT   BgDarktide  1
 Brand New Allegiance ~~ The Emerald Crusade   Ask_HG  6
 OT: Anyone heard of Skrillex? Dubstep?   .Kid.  10
 Level 20 and Under PK Competition   Fenping_DT  2
 "Official" Osama bin Laden thread   Nauri2  20
 +Envoy Tydorr says, "Elvis and I disagree."   Atros  2
 so im already banned   Purple___Haze  15
 just resubbed   Purple___Haze  7
 ISO List   SneuxAoA  4
 The Knights Reborn bring to you summoning of thuun sat 4-23-11   suntzukali2  1
 ISO: Facility Hub Quest Items.   Squeezeness  0
 Can anyone help with a technical issue?   XM69  5
 Nauri...   ED_at_Work  18
 You have reached the maximum level of 275!   Morock1  7
 Looking for feedback....i decided to learn how to do this stuff this week.    Sweet_music  1
 Anyone do anything fun for April Fools?   Nauri2  11
 Any way to change board name   mai_mai_mai  6
 Servers down....FROM 5AM TO 6PM?!?!   HG_Gt  9
 game go down?   Forgetmenot1  3
 wrong forum   -Eps  0
 Is There Anybody...Out There?   rigbystarr79  16
 i totally resubbed   The_Real_Mizuda  7
 Can someone help decode this export from Decal?   Swordswinger50  2
 ISO a set of the old Noble Armor - level 60+   horace667  6
 tthuun 10 pm eastern 3-20-11   suntzukali2  0
 Looking for the following :D   Hooks_HG  0
 Writs of Apology / FPs   _pumpkinkittypants_  0
 The Rune of the Icefalcon is looking for a few good questers   Churi-ya  14
 problem installing ac   Spanish-Fly  3
 Can't   -Fri-  1
 anyone still talk to ixocalypse?   Spanish-Fly  3
 Any old schoolers still around?   ebon_flow  11
 Harvestgain can't handle 3x the scarf   -Eps  5
 Fisher Bbml (fwk ) fishers wicked knights)) is back after 7 years lol    fisher_the_beholder  5
 Hello Gang! Back on Harvestgain.   Churi-ya  14
 The Triumphant(?) Return of Mantis the Bold   Mantis_HG  3
 Should I come back   SimulatedKalleKofot  5
 Thinking of coming back   SimulatedKalleKofot  0
 WTB shtuff   Death_By_Design  0
 2 DAY SALE: Writs for 1 MMD   hobartbouregarde  1
 Fare thee well....   Darth_Sauron_HG  16
 Places to make Money AKA Farming   Knuckleduster-HG  7
 sunday 10 pm eastern during exp weekend ttuunn   suntzukali2  0
 My Undying ISO X2   Knuckleduster-HG  0
 I wonder how many customers Turbine have lost   .Kid.  5
 Rift Open Beta   Arch_Magi  9
 Who remembers me?   xaosolin  20
 So when will they make AC Free-to-Play?   Lustgain_VN  8
 Servers....   Darth_Sauron_HG  4
 so... how would i go about...   QIZ-AoM-draken  11
 Ashadfry   BangGotcha  4
 Launcher just popped up!   ForgetmenotHatesIGN  1
 Searching for Guardians of Hope   Grundonpostshere  1
 Server is up   Chazcon  5
 server go boom?   j3peaz  35
 Asheron's Call in MineCraft   Webscar  0
 FS: Epic Void Magic Necklace   Death_By_Design  3
 Server Consolidation?   Breakdancemoves  5
 Iso upgraded assault orb   Lel0uch  4
 RIFT Vip Keys   Myrdynn  7
 Another post   Darth_Sauron_HG  1
 I'm back!!!!!! and looking for Golden Gromnies   vn_khando  7
 Iam now single after 5 years and im iso strippers lots of strippers.   vn_quuz  13
 Greetings! It has been a while..   rameirez  2
 J-A-K-E   Wrathofdestiny_jr  1
 sunday 1-16-11 10 pm eastern thhuun   suntzukali2  0
 Whats The Status? Havent Heard a Thing?   HeavyWhiteRhino  8
 I can't BELIEVE Turbine hasn't made AC free to play yet...   Krackcode  17
 blink   Churi-ya  6
 DC Universe release tomorrow at midnight, servers go live early morning 1/11   4Ground2Zero0  3
 Iso relic ancient armor suit   Lel0uch  0
 ISO List:)   Darth_Sauron_HG  6
 ISO Powerleveling   brother_iron  4
 Asheron's Call...   Masked_Profanity  17
 Looking for a fresh start?   I_Stunna  2
 Harvestgain Info   Darth_Sauron_HG  4
 Tailoring looks promising   Bavoot  2
 Are UCM now allowed in Asheron's Call??   Indigo-Jade  13
 Best place to farm motes?   Lel0uch  1
 Does the magic d bonus on nuhma's necklace stack with major magic d?   Lel0uch  2
 I wonder if one of these UPS guys was Dire???   tsingtao2  5
 The month/year the game died   Bavoot  21
 To the Old Timers of VN:HG. A christmas time memory.   -Spiro-  51
 further Tales   Chazcon  0
 used to be that if you had a complaint about Turbine...   AsheronsOutcast  5
 Wtb high mana c slash or fire rend wand.   Lel0uch  3
 AoAuction #22! December 23rd - 7pm est!   Paul_Muadib_HG  2
 It's been 4+ years away.. but Indigo Stormcrow is back in Dereth...   Indigo-Jade  6
 Haha i found a bunch of you old fooggies on facebook!   War-Wizard-HG  11
 Currently Known 10/12 Gift Box Locations   Silo_HG  0
 This sunday dec 19 10 pm eastern Knights are doing tthuun   suntzukali2  4
 AC GRAPHICS   whaknu  16
 Any to ac hg meetups these days?   Lel0uch  14
 Any to ac hg meetupa these days?   Lel0uch  4
 What quest gave the necklace that gives health points?   Lel0uch  11
 Best inexpensive armor for lower Lvl Mage?   Lel0uch  9
 Would anyone happen to know how to contact Pharo_HG ?   Lel0uch  2
 Any melée or archer level 3x wanna xp later to tonight?   Lel0uch  1
 Dbol's new Youtube channel   DbolHG  2
 teehee forgot I had my mule accoutn still subbed   Pountius_Pilatus  4
 just reminding all u nerds who ur king is   Spanish-Fly  2
 Dereth   Chazcon  0
 So it's been a while...   Lel0uch  9
 T SHIRT TIME   Billcosbyrawkz  1
 Sale! majors, epics... retired stuff and probably other stuff   Orgazmotron  0
 where do i get the void magic foci   bestmeleeinac888  4
 empyreans are the perfect height for motorboating    -Eps  3
 Unfortunately....   Darth_Sauron_HG  13
 DC Universe   4Ground2Zero0  14
 Is Turbine going to fix staffers?   Chip_Ali  39
 ISO: Rotordemon AKA Norfolk Enchance   Kromwell_1  10
 Old school lurker roll call.   Rammon  130

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