Author Topic: Tailoring looks promising
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Subject: Tailoring looks promising
Anyone do much tailoring yet? I wonder if I collect a whole set of Yoroi single slot armor, if I can make my whole unmatched suit look like Yoroi? Is this possible?


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Subject: Tailoring looks promising
yes if they match the single or multi slot yoroi u collect


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Subject: Tailoring looks promising
Its eassier than that. All you need is the matching set you want to look like you're wearing when done. You'll blow that matching set up using it to tailor what your actually wearing, but the stff you're tailoring (the set you'll be wearing) doesnt have to match piece or coverage wise to the set that looks like the one you want.
You could be wearing a nine piece set and have it look like two piece Amuli or nine piece Yaroi.


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