Author Topic: Looking for a lil info
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Subject: Looking for a lil info
Lately, I've been tossing around the idea of turning on my AC account(s) again. I've been gone since 2006. I still know all my account info etc. IS HG still a viable - playable server? What's the pop like? Are there still add-ons avaiable to enhance the game (i.e. like El Tank, Trade-Bot, Buff-Bot, and all the other plug-ins?) I still have my xml scripts stored on disc for buff bots somewhere.

I'm looking for something to do over the winter. TYI and I were chatting and AC came up in the discussion. I've played most of the popular MMORPG's out and none of them have ever given me the same gameplay I got in Dereth. Yeah, there are games with better graphics etc, but the actual combat system and gameplay of AC still can't be beat IMO.

So? Anyone got any feedback?


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Subject: Looking for a lil info
Dunno, I just returned recently for nostalgic reasons. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to play as I used to.


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Subject: Looking for a lil info
For sure give AC another go.

HG certainly has one of the larger populations, and theres still a very active community for questing/hunting etc.

The 3rd party apps are still alive and kicking which certainly helps with the hunting as well.

Theres a new type of XP (luminance XP) and we've gained more jewelery slots as well.

All in all between the new races, gear, and quests, combined with the solid population and community on HG, id definitely say cmon back and give AC another go!


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Subject: Looking for a lil info
....and Dak leads some great quests! so come on back and try it out!

HG is where you want to be dancing

Reason you won't find many posting here, is because we now have a general chat channel in game where we can buy and sell our items to each other... just type /cg


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