Author Topic: Sword or Archer? Been 8 years, logging in tonight
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Subject: Sword or Archer? Been 8 years, logging in tonight
Just looking for some template help. Prefer melee/sword/archer types. Please give me some good template advice and possibly an allegiance with a buffbot?

All alone, nothing to my name and have to relearn it all but so looking forward to it. Thanks in advance


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Subject: Sword or Archer? Been 8 years, logging in tonight
I usually do my melees 100 strength/coord/focus (works for missile chars too but quick or self instead of strength).
I spec weapon and meleeD and later on Life.
At higher levels i aug up self to 60, and the char will have high enough life to solo most places.
Id say best race atm would be Undead or Empyrean (to get the free spec arcane skill).

Thats just the template i like, I'm sure a lot of other people got good templates to share too happy
Good luck!


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Subject: Sword or Archer? Been 8 years, logging in tonight
For archer I look at it as having 2 builds: Melee, or Magic

For all archers i perfer the 100 coord/endurance. These for me are a MUST, and allow for max HP, and max bow skill.

The question then becomes, 100 focus, or 100 quickness? 100 quickness clearly allows for max melee d, while 100 focus gives better magics.

EITHER WAY THOUGH, the other skill will be able to be raised to 60 (through augmentation gems, which are a quest, you can now add +50 to an innate attribute of your choosing)

So the melee build would end up being:

100 coord/endurance/quickness, with 60 focus.

and yes, 60 focus is PLENTY for casting lvl 8 buffs on yourself, and for vulning most monsters when solo hunting. Its really not that bad, I do it all the time on my chars.

Magic build would be:

100 coord/endurance/focus, with 60 quickness (via augmentations)

and yes, 60 quickness is plenty for dealing w/ monsters melee attacks. I have it trained only on my character, and hes only 10 quickness, and dont get hit much on him. If if it were spec and I had 60 quickness, it would be even better.

For melees theres really a number of options, again based on what you really want in a character.

The simplest build is the melee build, with a splash of magic:

100 strength/coord/quick for max melee, and then augment up focus to 60 for casting.

From there you can really venture and play around with the build depending on what you want, remembering that youre giving up other benefits.

The most glaring part of the melee build for me is the HP, 10 endurance innate, but in order to get it youll need to most likely give up some of that quickness (keeping 60 focus is probably best for magic and vulning). This is what I ended up doing on my main character, and with spec melee D still gives you MORE than enough, ESPECIALLY as a melee with a shield.

HP build IMO would look something like: 100 str/endurance/coord, 60 auged focus.

Max XP, max weapon skill, good casting, and still FINE melee d with it spec, and especially fine considering you have a shield.

Those are just my thoughts though, so for sure play around with it a bit. Youre able to move attributes and stats and skills around even after character creation, so dont sweat if you make something a little off. Just dont have a skill end with a "5" on your inates. This does make it trickier to fix. Whole numbers are always better.

If youre looking for a good guild as well there are a number of them out there. I'll rep AoA (Archangels of Armageddon) just b/c thats the one im in, but Sins, Forgetmenot, Lanfear, and a host of others are good monarchs/clans in their own right, so check around, see who you enjoy playing with, and give it a go!

Welcome back to HG!


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