Author Topic: Just got back....
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Subject: Just got back....
I just started up my account and logged in. I'm completely lost as to what's current right now. Could anyone please anwser some of these questions? THANKS.

Where are the cool hangout spots nowadays?

Also, where do the pks and pkls hangout nowadays?

Lastly, can anyone point me in the right direction of a new and up-to-date Maggie The Jackcat-ish site?

Cain Marko

P.S. Feel free to message me in-game, I'm bored. =D


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Subject: Just got back....
Hope this answers all your questions:

Hangout spot - Marketplace. To get there just type /mp or /marketplace

PKL spot - Marketplace.

New "jackcat" site - Asherons Call Wiki -

Hope that helps, and welcome back to AC and HG! If you need anything else just post!


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