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Subject: Price Check
Can someone tell me what each of these items is actually worth? I'd greatly appreciate it, also I am accepting offers for anyone that wants to buy them =)

1) Gromnie Hide Leather Leggings (covers upper and lower legs), wk 6 with 6 tinks, AL 370. Wield: lvl 150+ and 241 AL/ Epic willpower.

2) Gold Chainmail Coif, wk 5, 5 tinks, 378 AL. Wield: lvl 150+ and 261 Arcane lore. Epic Sword.

3) Velvet Cloth Gloves, wk 7 AL 205, lvl 150+ and 299 arcane lore to wield, Epic frost ward.

4) Amoredillo hide amuli leggings, wk 8 AL 207, lvl 150+ and 245 arcane lore to wield, epic cord.

Thanks in advance!


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