Author Topic: June 2011 Patch - Release Notes
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Subject: June 2011 Patch - Release Notes
Here are the notes:

Greetings and welcome to the June 2011 release notes!

With the temperature heating up outside the Asheron’s Call team has been staying inside using their time to squash bugs and fix existing issues. A few of the spring bunnies may have gotten in the way, but thankfully they’ve grown up and are able to dodge incoming squash attacks.
Let’s take a look at all the changes in the June update!

Quest of the Month Updates:
Weekly: Suzuhara's care package.
Bi-Weekly: Tanada House of Storms
Month: Staff of the Nomads

Monthly Kill Task update.

New Contracts (found at Town Network bartenders & Society Shopkeepers):
Bellas Aug Gem
Society Aug Gem
Diemos Aug Gem
Luminance Aug Gem
Colo wins
Aerbax's Defeat
Summoning T'thuun
Empyrean Rescue
Uncovering the Renegades (Apostate Citadel)
Tumerok Salted Meat
Deewain's Dark Cavern
The spring babies have grown up!

The Reedsharks in the Lost City of Neftet have had their stats adjusted.

Pickly Pears can now be stacked and were given a unique icon.

Prickly Pears on the Neftet plateaus will now correctly generate agitated wasp swarms.

A surface portal at end of Lair of the Eviscerators dungeon has been added.

Bak'tshay Lady in the Sand Temple is no longer elemental.

Changed the icon for the Lost city of Neftet Recall.

Changes have been made to the Dryreach Rescue quest so that players don't have to wait as long to run the quest after another player. NPCs no
longer disappear while waiting for a quest to be completed.

Decay time for very low value items has been hastened.

T'thuun pack dolls will now decay in 20 seconds if left on the ground.

Insatiable Eater Jaw pickup timer reduced to 13 days.

Baron Nuvillus had his stats adjusted.

Prismatic Ammo should now recognize rending from weapon tinkering imbues.

Typo fix to plural tense for Wrapped Bundles of Prismatic Arrowheads.

Rebalanced Prismatic ammo's fletch skill requirements.

Various typos fixed to the Desert NPCs and related quests.

Fix to texture of Sand Temple stairs.

Fix to Zaikhal plaque in Town Hub.

Olthoi Brood Matron as been fixed to no longer hit with hybrid damage types.

Fixed Alchemy Forges so they will not freeze for the Crafting Forges contract.

Fix to Drudge Aviator quest.

Fix so that players should no longer be able to get stuck in Apostate Excavation Investigation quest if they Town Crier the quest items.

Squalid Shield is now inscribable.

Core integrator can now be used on upgraded relic armor.

Aun Javhalrea, the Game Warden now accepts token turn-ins of 100, 10, or 1 at a time with a daily limit of 100.

New Dark Isle Trophies can be found and turned in 100, 10, or 1 at a time. Turn in limit of 100 per day and the old tokens should still work as before.

Fixed coordinates on the contracts for the four desert mini-dungeon quests.

Contract Updates:
Reset timer fixed so they no longer get stuck as “Done”. Instead they will return to either “Available” or “In Progress”.
Status should now correctly sort reset timers numerically.
Contracts can now be added even if the character already has the contract active.
Description changes for Assault (low, mid, high, expert) contracts.

Barber Update: Flame & Crown suppression should no longer require a relog to see changes.

Tailoring has been updated so the dying property is restored after tailoring.

Shield Tailoring has been updated so the scaling of shields should now be correct after tailoring (a relog will be necessary).

Covenant shields should now overwrite Olthoi Shields correctly when tailored.

New Society Robes tailoring kit available from Society Quartermasters that will work only on Society breastplates.

New Society Shield Covers have been added that will tailor onto loot-generated shields.

New Society NPCs that informs players if their society owns a keep.

Fix to restore the +10 specialized skill bonus to skills that were specialized by augmentation gems (this includes all the tinkering & gearcraft skills) whom used the skill reset NPC. NOTE: This change was not versioned onto characters with this issue, but can be fixed by resetting your skills again via either Skill Reset NPC, or Alt Racial skill NPC for Viamont/Gear Knights.

The Sleek Dress and the Siraluun Dress have had their sleeves fixed.

Gear Knights and Empyreans that were having trouble hitting small creatures in melee should be able to hit their targets now.

KNOWN ISSUE: crown/flame suppression effect on inventory paper doll & examine panel still do not update until after relog.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in June. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the June Event.


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