Author Topic: problem installing ac
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Subject: problem installing ac
im running on vista. ive ran it on vista before so im not sure what the problem is. i used to have the problem where i just had to run it as administrator and it would work. i was told to download service pack 2 but i already have it installed.

when i started up the ac launcher i had a small patch before the server list came up. after i click on the server though i get an error saying failed to make connection before i even see any of the blue bars for the other installs. anyone ever have this problem? help plz im rdy to plow


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Subject: problem installing ac
Lookat sticky for port forwarding on turbine forums. I'd find link but on my cell.
Also may be firewall issue but check your port forwards fist


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Subject: problem installing ac
Did you save it into a different folder? I had to make a new folder for it to work when I installed it.


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Subject: problem installing ac
The problem is you're attempting to install Asheron's Call.


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