Author Topic: July 2011 Release notes
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Subject: July 2011 Release notes

Quests of the Month changed
Weekly: Shadow Statues
Bi-weekly: Ikzisik Tika Ri Zikma (requires Messanger's Collar quest flag)
Monthly: Empyrean Propylaeum

Monthly Kill task updated.

A slew of new Society Contracts.

The NPC Aun Javhalrea, the Game Warden, has been fixed so that he does not get into stuck state from players who killed Shadow Dire Champions.

The NPC Eldrytch Web Fort commander, has been fixed so that she does not get into stuck state from players who give Celestial Hand supplies for the Fort Assault quest.

Closing client while in PvP should no longer get corpses stuck even when in mid animation.

Fix to account/character login bug, where when a player abruptly crashes client & logs back on as a different character on the account while their first character is still in world. Instead now, doing such should log off all characters from that account.

Fixed prismatic arrows so they should work with normal element missile launchers (with or without non-rend/cleave properties).

Change to Leave Society NPC (Gaston Shadowbound) to erase all society contracts when used.

Level 45 Facility Hub Warden NPC should now accept all 6 Blackmire Lore quest items including Elysa’s Ord.

Fixed the Frozen Gearknight quest where sometimes it would not reset the path when it was loaded.

New textured hairstyles have been applied to all races/genders.

Frozen Stone Walls from Gear Crossbow quest should no longer be affected by Life Spells.

Hive Splinters should now stay around longer.

New Society Shield Covers let you choose exactly which style of shield you'd like to have.

Covenant Helms and Horned Helms will now display on undead players.

Players can now give their Scepter of the Portal Currents to Pagrok in exchange for the recall spell to Candeth Keep.

Known Issues

Crowns and other open headwear will not display the new textured hairs when worn.

Covenant and Horned Helms will not display on undead characters who still have appearances chosen before the undead art update went in.

After one of the new society shield covers are applied, it is recommended that players relog to see the correct scaling adjustments of their shields.

Old society shield covers will be replaced with a new specific shaped Society shield cover.

Contract status not updating progress regularly for a few kill task quests in each society. Specifically the quests to kill Moguth Moarsmen, Shoguth Moarsmen, Magshuth Moarsmen, and Vaesho are not updating.

Some contracts for quests that have an item pickup as their starting event still reset to “In Progress” instead of “Available”.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in July. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the July Event.


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