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 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 hello   Volthorn  1
 ISO Kurpal   De_Lorian  0
 is this a joke or for real?   -Damaja-  4
 I feel new forums coming soon..   Mrs_Adventure  1
 CTF - Arwic Video!   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 Rabi   Bok-Fu-Do  5
 1 Grand Casino Key FT -- ISO: 1 on DT.   .LoXish-KoFC.  0
 7 Casino keyrings and 42 coins on TD for same on SC   Rhaza  2
 Check out this poll and cast your vote   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  16
 3 Grand Casino Keyrings and 18 imbue tokens   Oreomadness_Forever  1
 Grand Casino Keyring swappage for Solclaim   Bob_The_RadialSander  2
 Hmm can't get game to DL onto new comp   uafoolCheese  1
 WoA trade.   BlightDT  0
 i have five writs of apology on thistledown for five on dt!!!!!!!   kolbar  2
 It was a good run?    Blackmancer  12
 Good Evening.   Hizzle410  2
 4 writs of apology on here for 2 on DT   Mangekyuu  0
 Trading 5 writs of apology + imbue swap coins for same on DT   -Cronos-  0
 Imbue coins and Casino Keys for the same on FF   zuizide  0
 ISO Linsanity   Odhinn72  4
 Whistler BC   Hot_Shot_TD  3
 R.I.P. Papasan   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  14
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 Who wants to buy my pants?   RuhelosSeele  0
 gonna peep in   De_Lorian  2
 Iso new weapon max stats link   Its_Me_Marioo  10
 For $$ale: I-win button (Rare Armor + Rare Weapon)   KurpalOriginal  4
 FS four golden keyrings here for four on DT - I;ll throw in free swap coins!!   reluke-of-tls  0
 Bonus XP and Luminance Weekend!   -Marie-  0
 Rank 6 here for Rank 6 on SC   Rhaza  2
 Paradox wand   --KK--  7
 What kind of stats on gear should I look for?   --KK--  1
 note to self   Axispipe  3
 FT: Rank 6 here for Rank 6 on SC!   Brukid_SC  4
 So how is the new patch? So completely awesome it is like DM version 2?   Ixussss  5
 Need Imbue Swap Coins?   Shokta13  0
 466 Imbue Swap coins and 3 Golden Keyrings to trade to HG    keuriocity  2
 Ac restarts my computer   L-G  8
 ISO Lil Sol...   Shokta13  4
 logged in and have a new monarch   pkhere  3
 Calling out Hot Shot'   d3c9685  15
 TRADE: 10 Writ of Apologies, 60 Imbue Swap Coins   Nefertiti-SC  1
 Well Regal weapons Nerfed and my Nekode does PIERCE damage   DogHood_TD  1
 This Guy   Hot_Shot_TD  3
 New melee class weapon damage chart.   Gibbon_raver  2
 Does anyone play after midnight central time?   --KK--  7
 Capture The Flag Event - Coming Soon!    Hot_Shot_TD  20
 AC is alive and well after the Feb Patch   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  3
 Nick's new Castaway Botspells.xml for the new melee weapon skills   Gibbon_raver  2
 FT: Writs of Apology here for DT   Kalazar22  0
 Hello All !   --KK--  17
 Scheduled Server Downtime 2/23/12 8am - 10am Eastern (-5 GMT)(hotfix)   Mrs_Adventure  0
 ISO Heavy max damage Ua's and swords with epic bloodthirst   jimMcOwnage  1
 thoughts on new content thus far   arkilezo  5
 More puppy pics   pkhere  3
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  1
 10 Writs of apology here for same on DT   Dark_Druid  1
 Idea - Armor   Hot_Shot_TD  9
 February Event News   -Marie-  5
 The 7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves in Online Gaming History   Hot_Shot_TD  11
 Is this going to be the last patch?   Ixussss  10
 Looking to activate old account, looking for help   jefcoz  1
 That felt strange   tasmine_td  4
 whens the feb patch    arkilezo  4
 Kaboom??   Zaxxon_TD  1
 Weekly BoneCrunch on Sunday afternoons    Johanna46  5
 Authentication failed, please try again later.   Second_Chance  16
 Couple hours and ill be back :)   orgazme-  7
 Cool Art   Gibbon_raver  0
 February Imbue Goodies    Hot_Shot_TD  3
 ******Writs of Apolly on HG******   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 Scheduled Maintenance?   KitchiGai  5
 whats new, whos still here, etc.   arkilezo  13
 FS 3 Writs of Apology ISO Same on DT   LaceTP  0
 4 - 25 use casino keys   gbp86  0
 Wow   tasmine_td  12
 Looking for Darktide Writs of Apology   Prodan-FF  0
 New pics of Rudy our pup   pkhere  3
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  8
 Resub Question   -Zale-  2
 Old Player Thinking of Returning - Questions   Docere  16
 Soooo, I haven't logged on in like 4 years.....   Master.Bruce  4
 7 Golden Casino Keyrings here for same on FF!   xvCensoredvx  1
 January Event News!   -Marie-  1
 Search for Lunnum (Undead Slayer) January 19 7pm CST   Nythak  0
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, January 9th from 6:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT)   -Marie-  0
 Hope for UA!?!? UA going downhill!   GoodBadUgly  3
 Beware of Gine from FF looking for xserver trades   Dakotadarkwind  12
 Have a great new year all!!   pkhere  2
 I may not be in game much for the next few weeks.   Gibbon_raver  6
 Log in help please   OG_Dynasty  5
 What was the name of Moredun's allegiance?   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  4
 Back after 6 years.   Mayoee  9
 Merry Christmas!   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  2
 WOO HOO... 35 Hour Birthday   Bok-Fu-Do  10
 Trading 5 Writs of Apology for 5 on DT   -AK  0
 Feliz Navidad!!   pkhere  0
 Merry Christmas!   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 Merry Christmas TD.   Reapist  0
 Merry Christmas!   De_Lorian  2
 Bring some wood for the fire, and I will tell you a story..   oldblackjack  3
 Coming back for a little while on Christmas Break   barqs_td  3
 Banned from Wiki   -Foxy-  3
 I just ran a train on these boards   L-G  0
 My Hilts   DTSourD  1
 FT: 10 writs of apology on HG for 10 on MT   _Rascal_  1
 December Event News   -Marie-  1
 New Puppy!!!!   pkhere  6
 Marie   mightylou14  3
 Trading 5 Writs of Appology for Darktide Writs or MMDs   Skoli  0
 ISO-Set of Noble Relic Armor   mightylou14  2
 1 writ of spology for trade for same on FF   Faythless_one  10
 UFC Sat Dec 3rd - Miller or Bisping?   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 Show Me Something   Hot_Shot_TD  37
 For Sale...   Zephyr0351  1
 Want to play Darktide? Info inside.   sawinc24  9
 FT 6, 25 pull Grand Casino Chest keys on HERE for 6 on DT   Security_of_dt  0
 Cross-server: anyone have writs of apology on Frostfell?   Owndizzle_FF  2
 hi everyone   CorporateMogley  4
 I'll have Jade back up after the next patch guys.   Mrs_Adventure  2
 Hi!!   .Starsunder.  11
 ISO: Adept and or Wise set + useful epic on old looking Amuli...   Mrs_Adventure  0
 Drop a note here if you are willing to support ACMAPS and the hosting fees.   Originaldoogen  3
 ISO    Hot_Shot_TD  0
 AC custom UI   Caladron  0
 After I click Enter Game not loading in and losing connection   Rimstan  5
 Other MMOs that are AC-alike   Rimstan  39
 Any of y'all on DT?   Rimstan  10
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 Rare Sword: Morrigan's Vanity IC possibly FS   KurpalOriginal  4
 Weapon Skills Update for February   -Marie-  10
 MW3 (Xbox) Anyone?   Broduke  0
 Can't login via IGN   Broduke  0
 Halloween Event Video Up   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 Enforcers, Where art thou?   Baelzharon420  14
 ISO: Maggie the Jackcat in regards to hosting   Becca_WE  25
 Newly back    mightylou14  4
 I'm Back :)   S_H_O_C_K_E_R  8
 Iso writs of apology   Its_Me_Marioo  0
 Happy Anniversary Asheron's Call!   -Marie-  4
 The November Event Page is Live!   -Marie-  4
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  0
 Good Morning Thistledown!!   LifeKaos  14
 Price Check / IC   Zephyr0351  2
 Any recently returned players, that can help me figure out...   Fairly_Gimp  7
 MIA... APB... HELP!!!   LadyFreia  0
 You are now level 275!   Chainz_TD  18
 Bonus XP and Luminance Weekend!!!   -Marie-  2
 Getting rid of Low Level Imbued / Tinkered Weapons and Wands   Bok-Fu-Do  2
 FT: Rank 5 mule on TD for the same on FF! :D   Hazel-wudi  0
 Halloween Event   Hot_Shot_TD  3
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, October 24th 6:00 - 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT)   -Marie-  0
 4 FP on TD for 4 FP on HG   -Giza-  1
 ISO: Nexus shadow armor /vt propertydump to use for tailoring.   TehPersianStallion  2
 500 Grand Casino Chest Pulls   Hot_Shot_TD  4
  FS 6 Writs of Apology on TD for stuff on DT   Gigo_bite  0
 Odd thing about cloaks   Poppyspitter  5
 FS 6 Writs of Apology for stuff on FF   Gigo_bite  0
 "Holy costume party, Batman!" - Robin   Hot_Shot_TD  6
 A Tale of Victory   Nythak  3
 jackpot!   Hot_Shot_TD  6
 So...   -Tori-  5
 Ulgrim's Scroll (Ayan recall)   Its_Me_Marioo  6
 Hello   Blackmask1989  4
 anyone here good with decal?   forenza  19
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, October 11th   -Marie-  3
 Theres still life here?   Rimstan  21
 Ruschk Aspect of Grael Quest 10/8/11 6pm CST   Nythak  0
 The Art of FLIGHT   Hot_Shot_TD  4
 ~ King of the Hill ~ Event Vid Up   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 whos Dark_azz_mage   L-G  9
 Anyone recall a player named Radclyffe?   Mrs_Adventure  0
 ~~~ Oct 1st Live Events ~~~   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 5 bags of FP salvage of your choice on TD for stuff in DT   MystikalSoul  1
 Ahoy, TD!   Steeda__  33
 Decal update URL ?   gwydiana  2
 pew pew   De_Lorian  0
 Sup' TD!   majin_luffy  3
 Writs of Apology (Foolproof)   Kalazar22  0
 Bored at work. LoTRO updating, so thought I'd see what AC was up to.   Second_Chance  2
 Who wants to pay my rent?!   L-G  2
 Alternate Currency Exchanger   Bok-Fu-Do  2
 In Need of:   OG_Dynasty  0
 Asheron's Call Code of Conduct   kerrek_nalanthi  66
 PC PP GSA   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 Plug-in help please   LadyFreia  3
 Events This Weekend Sept 16-18   Hot_Shot_TD  3
 Capture The Flag Event Video Up   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 Gwydiana...   LadyFreia  6
 Question regarding CS weapons and attack skill   Mycophile  0
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, September 13th   -Marie-  4
 ~*~*~*~Capture The Flag Event Saturday~*~*~*~   Hot_Shot_TD  4
 Arrgh! My new internet won't play nice with AC!   Akal-Saris  5
 Creating a new toon on TD *right NOW*   Daernwyn  0
 X-server FP (DT)   Kalazar22  3
 Premiere of New Video    Hot_Shot_TD  6
 PSA, FYI, AND IMPORTANT STUFF: by -1313-Evil_Homer   -Foxy-  1
 I'm gonna get one   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 Event Tonight!   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 PP Diamond Shield for sale   kerrek_nalanthi  0
 A Hot Shot Production   Hot_Shot_TD  21
 ISO 1 complete set of level VII scrolls   Plasma_  0
 Irene - Central CT Coast   rocketsfiretd  1
 Dear Thistledown, help!   rankstar  16
 I read Rick Overton's article and immediately thought of Doomherald :)   gwydiana  9
 I miss Faux Merlin   OG_Dynasty  4
 Got FP on FF?   Darq_Nightmare  0
 Woot   Odhinn72  7
 Anyone else just get booted?   DanT1284  3
 Need VTank Help (melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  4
 paging dynasty   Axispipe  1
 FT: NINE Bags of Fool Proof Salvage (Any Type) Write of Apology Reward.   Bud_bundy  1
 ISO Large Armoredillo Hide/ Armoredillo Coat   Mycophile  0
 Cross-server Fool Proof Salvage Trade: 7 here in exchage for 7 on DT   Meola  0
 Are there still bots for tinkering and imbueing weapong and armours on TD?   Mycophile  5
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 are the worlds down?   GoodBadUgly  1
 Hello, it's me!   R3turn  3
 Anyone else having login issues?   C_a_r_n_a_g_e  8
 returning player with questions   ZERROR187  7
 Nakid Pickles On Newsweek!    laggy137  0
 Really?   DanT1284  5
 Scheduled Maintenance: Monday, August 15th from 5:00AM to 10:00AM Eastern (-4 GMT)   -Marie-  0
 Beware of Thief.   Dj_cide.  47
 Sneetches: This explains... a lot.   -Redfist-  3
 FS bags of Fool Proof salvage of YOUR choice!   Dj_cide.  7
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, August 9th   -Marie-  5
 Remembering the Good Ol Days of AC Podcast   spankinbunker  3
 FS: Hearty Epic War Tenassa Sleeves, Flame Proof Epic Axe Celdon Girth   Mrs_Adventure  0
 PSA: On quests where items drop on floor, suspect turbine "bug"   Gibbon_raver  2
 Need few lvl 7s. If anyone has any stashed.   DanT1284  6
 ISO Scroll of Ilservian's Flame   Plasma_  0
 On Blackmancer's Jihad against my quests   Gibbon_raver  41
 I'm Gone   Hot_Shot_TD  17
 Long time no see...   Snarl_Redfist  28
 Why did i just get ban for using some speed thing when all i use is Vtank ?   jimMcOwnage  15
 Is the revolution nigh?   Reapist  8
 Anyone ever get this message before   DoomheraldTD  5
 summoning of tthuun    AgzntOrange2  2
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  10
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  11
 Does anyone play the new races?   DanT1284  6
 To the person who cleaned out my Mansion Chests...   LadyFreia  11
 man its hilarious to watch them try to bring the servers up   DoomheraldTD  7
 lmfao TD goes RED   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 Hey Anna & WS   Hot_Shot_TD  0
 Listen Shawn stop playing hard to get ok?   DoomheraldTD  6
 Shawn aka UA Fool   DoomheraldTD  0
 ISO Leggy to come back   jimMcOwnage  4
 Wonderful idea...need input   .-Zen-Ko-.  3
 Ok ladies what does this term mean to you   DoomheraldTD  7
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  0
 Kitty Keller has been found!    Pinkles  3
 You have successfully canceled your Asheron's Call® subscription.   420_Lynchen  10
 shawn   DoomheraldTD  0
 My Villas' Rents   Bok-Fu-Do  3
 can anyone play yet?   GoodBadUgly  0
 Full Dedication Set VS 4/5 other set armor   Mrs_Adventure  5
 List your old VN names   DoomheraldTD  18
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, July 12th   -Marie-  1
 You were   Hot_Shot_TD  3
 Trading Radiant Blood Armor   Brazy2k  5
 Options   Brazy2k  1
 Disregard Berek Heartthew's instructions at your own peril!   Gibbon_raver  9
 WOW - the board died   Steppen  4
 Old timer Returns   Steppen  8
 Website i think could really help a couple of you   DoomheraldTD  2
 OK im at hotel using their wifi ac loads right up, worlds come up   DoomheraldTD  2
 Need Ideas Fast   DoomheraldTD  10
 Breaking Bad   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 4 hours later I getting my account back...   LadyFreia  28
 Primary portal on Jade has changed!   Mrs_Adventure  1
 Cool Idea   Hot_Shot_TD  6
 Want to set up a tinker bot   Gibbon_raver  1
 CAnnot connect, any ideas? at extended stay hotel for business   DoomheraldTD  6
 I keep getting booted   aluvian_spear  2
 Hey Rabi!!   aluvian_spear  0
 ISO Player: Rath's Mule   Mrs_Adventure  2
 LOL   Volthorn  0
 Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, June 22nd   -Marie-  0
 Dungeon Siege III   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 UCMers   kerrek_nalanthi  73
 ISO Player: Shootin' Blanks   Mrs_Adventure  3
 It was fun ride but as of monday its done done done   DoomheraldTD  18
 If You   Hot_Shot_TD  5
 Help!!, does anyone know Dragar or Evayung from thistledown?   jagthar  5
 ISO: Rare Xbow   Usuffer  27
 I just dont understand the mentality of this kind of crap...   DoomheraldTD  5
 Hai2u   d3c9685  12
 H-O-T   Hot_Shot_TD  62
 ******OFFICIAL THISTLEDOWN SPAM THREAD******   -Marie-  18930
 Quest Schedule   Gibbon_raver  269

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