Author Topic: It was a good run?
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Subject: It was a good run?
I have been delaying this decision as long as possible since the big “patch” but the time has finally come to say goodbye.

Over my 10+ years playing this game I have made so many great friends It’s impossible to name them all without missing someone. I’ll just name a couple who have been friends for the longest in my time playing AC.

The most notable is Drainne/Mrs Adventure as the most loyal and outstanding friend a guy can have both in game and IRL. No matter if he plays AC or a different game we will always stay in touch.

I also have to name Hot Shot as another extremely great and loyal friend since ‘The Fury’ merger. I remember Hot Shot as a young 12 year old kid when he first started playing AC and today is one of the best players, mature, level headed, nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

I also want to thank the Devs for pushing the last few old schoolers out the door so I can focus on home improvement stuff and more outdoor Summer Activities.

Just a top of my head short list of reasons to not continue paying money for AC.

- Lack of Customer Support if you’re stuck in game or can’t log on. (I have had success PMing Sev directly but short of that your never getting help)

- Lack of Live Events. I know people complain when they can’t be online for the couple you had so HAVE MORE!

- Lack of Lore. (the old Dev team understood Lore was part of the game, Now it’s a nice to have or afterthought)

- Poor Communication – UA’s, Axe damages, Weeping shield modifiers, etc. At least Sev stepped up to apologize for dropping the ball on Axes but that doesn’t help whatsoever. Sev was on my server the night before in /cg and stated our effectiveness was not going to be reduced for any weapons so screwing it up and not fixing 5 years of work is unforgiveable.

- Diluted Loot system. – At least 30 different types of weapon spawns are possible with Light, Finesse, Heavy and all the diff weap types. 400 wields spawning with 420 wields in the highest tier chest along with damage ranges and mod ranges that are absurd. It’s hard enough to pull something decent without having 400 wields to contend with and low mods.

- Poor Quest Dynamics – Just one example is the Shadow Communication quest ending could have been sooooo Epic. Such a disappointmenting end to a promising arc. Good Luck getting any excitement generated in the next arc Devs.

- Lack of population. Lack of Marketing, etc

- Lack of good testing. Too many things get rolled out with bugs. A patch as big as the last one could have been a public testing ground using Shadowclaim to avoid a lot of the mess we are in now.

Feel free to add to the list. I know I am forgetting lots of things.

For the members of The Fury, I will let Hot Shot decide what to do with the clan as the senior active member. I support any decision he makes.

P.S. I am not forgetting you RK but I know you’re a wandering soul


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Subject: It was a good run?
I would have never predicted you leaving in a million years, and I want to try and persuade you to stay so bad. I'm sure the majority of TD feels this way as well. They feel like they are losing part of Asheron's Call with you leaving. But maybe that is selfish.... to try and convince you to stay. But it no doubt shows what type of player you were, how you influenced others around you and made AC a more exciting and enjoyable experence for anyone you came in contact with. Words can't describe all of the fun times we have had.

Asheron's Call truely will not be the same without you. But your tittle says it all - It really was a "good run" happy . So I'll try to not focus on the future without you, but the past with you. Thank you for being TD's greatest monarch, and even more so one of my greatest friends in the World of Asheron's Call. It was great playing with you Mancer man.

I'd like to conclude by going way back in time with this memorable moment:


The Fury Clan Webpage:
A Hot Shot Production:
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Subject: It was a good run?
It's definitely been a blast man, do you even recall the first headache event for you as monarch? Mrs A, Pig Roast, and Lycentia..... Ah the golden years when we were all stupid and still learning.

Ahh the memories if only I would take the time to write them into a book, the stories I could share of "The lore and legends of Thistledown, across multiple counts and old school accounts".


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Subject: It was a good run?
This is a sad day indeed...Many, many, many of my AC memories include you...It's going to be very strange not to see your name come across the screen for some World Wide Achievement or another. Good Luck to you in rl.

Lady Freia


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Subject: It was a good run?
Take it easy Man. Thanks for the help and info over the year's.

"It's Mizz"

Ps Buy a kayak!!


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Subject: It was a good run?
Hate to see you go Blackmancer, Even though we had our difference's and really didn't get along much i'd like to say thanks for the fun moments via PVP. Specially that time in freebooter when i died jumping off the cliff running from you even though i was fully debuffed and i couldnt do crap it was fun as hell and i laughed and im sure you did too even tho there was trash talking.. Would like to say good luck to you and would like to apologize if i have ever came off to be a rude prick. Thanks again. Take care.


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Subject: It was a good run?
G/L, Mancer. Tho I didn't personally know you, I know AC is losing a great player. Best of luck in your future.



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Subject: It was a good run?
as many as came back for the patch, to see what new things came, i see and hear of many leaving across the servers.

i hope you enjoy your summer activities and and you should post up your before and after pictures of your home improvements

was nice having you about here in ac, you will be missed happy


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Subject: It was a good run?
You were my first monarch, and the main reason I have so many amazing memories of people from "way back when". I looked up to you (my little 13-14 year old self) and your crew, and never really stopped, even after you left and Teshi took over the Fury. Ask Matt - my reminiscing always comes in the form of "yea, back when Blackmancer was still monarch, and <insert old school player> was still around...."

It is sad to see you go, but we all must part ways eventually. You've played the hell out of this game and have done a lot of good in the community. Hopefully you keep in touch happy

Best of luck man. We're here if you change your mind.


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Subject: It was a good run?
<3 Mancer. Surprised to see you going...never thought I'd see the day.


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Subject: It was a good run?
Yo man, thanks for helping me and my friends to enjoy the game when we came back a year ago. Obviously was good knowing you for the 10 years before that also happy

We will keep in touch on FB. If you look me up you'll see what i did this weekend with the new toy, i mean Jeep!

To your points, i agree a ton. A few people telling everyone else how good the game is today doesn't make it so.................. The game is a pile compared to what it was even 5 years ago. Let alone 10 years. There was no reason to change the weapon stuff. Part of the reason people play AC is because they like being SWORD/UA/AXE whatever. They needed to simply upgrade some of the other weapon damages. Adding the Sneak Attack and Recklessness, Ect could have been done still. I mean they added Void. Which was a pretty cool addition.

Anyhow, was great knowing you........til we meet in-a-game again grin


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Subject: It was a good run?
Best wishes Mancer


monkey Hi monkey
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Subject: It was a good run?
Quiter!!! Just kidding you stuck with it a lot longer than most and put in a good amount of effort in the community. Like Rumble I think we had more smack talking and shenanigans than friendship and good times. I do remember when I left the game we were on decent terms just like I was with Berek. I figure they will turn out the lights if Icedancer quits I remember that guy all the way back in 99. In your opinion the patched sucked? I was tempted to log in and check it out but since I live in Thailand the time zone and internet connections are not geared for optimal play on a already very under populated game. I wish they could do a server with condensed patch time lines IE the whole 12 year cycle in 1 year kind of like a retrospect of AC. Some of the best times were the old days of patchwork armor and personal tapers. The joy of getting a 113 bow like it was a god bow.


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