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Subject: For Sale...
Olthoi Alduressa Helm, Soldier's Set, AL 258, Mana Renewal Self VI, Epic Sword Aptitude, Brogard's Defiance, Wield Lvl 180, Diff 336, Craft 7, Value 13,736, BU 338 - 60 MMDs

Celestial Hand Vambraces, Dedication Set, AL 233, Major Frost Ward, Epic Void Magic Aptitude, Incantation of Impenetrability, Melee Defense 390 to Activate, Diff 222, Craft 5, Value 9,587, BU 387 - 180 MMDs

Magus's Pearl (Focus Rare) - 40 MMDs

Scholar's Crystal (Arcane Rare) - 20 MMDs

Please leave a message with your in-game name.
Prices are negotiable, will also accept MFKs.


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Title: The Fury
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Subject: For Sale...
definitely fair prices


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