Author Topic: A Tale of Victory
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Subject: A Tale of Victory
We started out as a fellow of 5. Participants were : The Dude' (Neo), Lil Nythak (Ny), Grandpa Munster (Wolfman), Ulma (Brainiac) and Ferah's Shadow.

We get flagged and head out for the first of two dungeons we need to navigate. Instructions seem pretty straight forward we just have to work our way to the bottom, kill a Ruschk Warchief and loot an item. This turns out to be the easy part of the quest. We find our way to the Warchief without too much problem. Everyone gets their item and we return it to the NPC that flagged us. We are now ready to enter the Black Spear Temple.

We had heard stories of death by falling rocks from a previous attempt at this quest. Insta-death rocks/boulders can be initimating. Additionally, we quickly found out that the map from Wiki was worthless. We eventually found the first rock room, after a little running around trying to find it. We all discussed the best strategy to get through the rocks, and figured the best strategy was to hug the walls. Everyone made it through the first room, then we found out there was a second rock room. It was here that our first 2 deaths occured. Lil Ny tried to slide around a rock in her way, but was rewarded with an instant trip to the lifestone. Everyone saw the message "Your fellow Lil Nythak has died". Within the next couple minutes we saw "Your fellow Ulma has died". <sigh>

Now, I don’t mean to cast aspersions at our gender, but the fellow started out with 4 melee toons, one of which is female and a female mage. The fellow was now left with 3 male melee characters. We have confidence in our men to carry on without us.

So the remaining fellow was making their way thru the rest of the dungeon, including 2 more rock rooms. They seemed to be having a little trouble finding exactly where to go, and got separated as they tried to proceed thru the maze of a dungeon. Ferah’s Shadow found the portal to the boss room. Great, now Grandpa and The Dude just have to find their way to him. The Dude flies around a corner just in time to witness “Your fellow Ferah’s Shadow has died”. That is going to make the final boss fight much harder.

After wandering aimlessly for another 15 minutes, The Dude found his way to the boss room followed closely by Grandpa. The boss has a ton of health and it’s going to be a looooong, hard fight. Oh Joy, the boss summons little balls of fire to attack our heroes as well. Grandpa had 15 minutes left on buffs and The Dude had 30 minutes. We started out with 2 hour buffs and it took 1 ½ hours to get this far. Luckily they can get back into the boss room easy from the portal at the beginning of the dungeon. With buffs running out, Grandpa portaled out to be rebuffed while The Dude was going to continue the fight. One minute later: “Your fellow The Dude’ has died”. <sigh>`

Grandpa and The Dude get rebuffed and run back to dungeon. This time, they have fresh buffs, plenty of stamina/health potions/rations, and a look of determination in their eyes. Bravely, they enter the dungeon, and then the portal that sends them straight to the boss. Things start out pretty well, and then it happens: “Your fellow Grandpa Munster has died”
As this point everyone has died on the quest. The Dude carried on the fight until Grandpa came back to seal the victory and after a very long fight they kill and loot the boss. They got xp, the mansion spear, and a mukkir slayer stone to add mukkir slayer to their weapon of choice.

Thank you The Dude and Grandpa for sticking with it and finishing this quest.


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Subject: A Tale of Victory
Sounds like a sweet victory to me. Congratulations!


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Subject: A Tale of Victory
sounds like a grand old time


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Subject: A Tale of Victory
sounds like you had a good time.



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