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 How do you feel about Obamacare?    Stangkilla  7
 ~~~~~~ TEAM VN ~~~~~   Balcor13  163
 @ the ywain vn mods(as of the last 2 years give or take)   Dragnious  0
 Goodbye   Orc_Merlin  7
 @dodgers   Vegamitex  10
 Dear VN   Balcor13  48
 What would you do for a new ipad/iphone?   Yackety_Yack  13
 /Wave from Kilkenny   GP35  3
 Solo toon in Today's Game   Cruut_Pellinor  14
 Before the boards go. I give you 20 year old Nsaney   Nsaney  25
 @hypnotoad   adonix  2
 Why is vn ending?   Molachi  42
 so does anyone else think that the end of vn will be the end of daoc?   Vyxar  11
 OT : Great Movie Scenes {Post Them}   Chill_  0
 I sure do miss it   Apple_Jacks  2
 [WTB]PL on Midgard   Aedwaz  2
 @Maskim/Speakno/Kitez/Etored/Hypno/OldLorintel   BuffsteriaCantBuff  18
 Pl on ALB   PraoKoN  12
 Archiving old posts   BuffsteriaCantBuff  0
 JREW/DOUG   Novoal7  5
 @zult   Kahzee  9
 @Glockmeister   BuffsteriaCantBuff  5
 I bet its all just an april fool's joke.   carnesaur  17
 @Masters of Apocalypse    Vicomtessa  2
 Champion temp with ml 10 studded vest (lw temp btw) solo play   Vicomtessa  12
 @Falros   GetRiptGeek  59
 VN's Dying, where is Ogbosnians final performance ?   Orwyn_Blackheart  21
 Another short solo SB vid. Youtube 1080HD   Maskim19  22
 WTB Dragon Focus Mythirian - Hibernia   Vegamitex  12
 @Nikesneak   Azapz  8
 Down with VN   Zultanious  36
 @ Vegamite   Mooshaka  9
 Every BSB movie to ever be made by me   clayboskie555  3
 So with Mythic moving the relics to keeps...   Blachloch1  1
 PCK I HAVE QUESTION FOR U   clayboskie555  67
 DAOC Returning player   Barakov  1
 Please Help Before the Boards Go Down!   YEIASISAWESOME  2
 Figured I would add 1 more post before this place goes poof   Satladpwnedj00  0
 @ Navareen   Pabst_Blue_Albion  9
 Oh noes!!!!!   imapawn  2
 @bodyguardsback   oshany  3
 Champs.. Quick Question   Cruut_Pellinor  6
 Infinite from MLF died, right?!?!   Schezza  1
 Since VN's dying i have to know......   Darkmatterrx  63
 Dont forget to save any PM's you have~   ericstoons  6
 @all the people qqing about the dying of VN   Darkmatterrx  14
 What do you believe happens when you die?   BuffsteriaCantBuff  36
 [OT] Logical fallacy?   BuffsteriaCantBuff  8
 Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter   Lurok1  1
 So how about that new Total Recall remake...   Dyn-Nothgrim  9
 hahahahah PCK got RIPT~   clayboskie555  32
 WhY WaS My PCK GoT RiPt aNd StrIpT PoSt RemOveD   GetRiptGeek  20
 @arrizona   Kahzee  34
 Dear Sir Bradingham Antoine Vixus VIII (Fastbreak)   Syndiz  20
 Almost 8 years here, seen lots..Anything you've ever wondered?   beibhinn  223
 With vn going "poof"   Kahzee  10
 Wat is your dream car?   tokkahontas  58
 -   Novoal7  1
 come on mids in labby right now   Whiplashz  12
 Haters gunna hate.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA   Maskim19  33
 what song sums up the ending of vn boards?   andynNIN  6
 @Kutsuu-G   Novoal7  8
 I've just realised that layout of FH and IGN are identical   Buffsteria  7
 OT: Ding 23 IRL   Grimreeperx  18
 @ Robust   Balcor13  13
 weren't in one of these guilds? Then you don;t know **** about 8v8   carnesaur  22 beats vnboards!!!   Drithe  2
 Need help Plz   LittleShadow  7
 Your first recorded topic you ever participated in on VN   Durandle  25
 Make a movie of it?   Fuzzputin  2
 where will you be moving too? once merge happens   Salomon_X  31
 G510 Keyboard $70 FS   Dignify  4
 Rites of Spring, the bunny returns!   GardianAngel  24
 @Team IGN   Vegamitex  13
 Irony...   Maoix  3
 /rude IGN ................. FreddysHouse ftw maybe?   -Damaja-  36
 Boy or Girl   Diavail  32
 we need a new home   Dragnious  4
 Will you be moving to the IGN boards   Auberne  61
 ~~ MID PL NOW~~~   qwikk  3
 @Novoal7   __alex  16
 Afrit turn ins....   Faramire  1
 WTF GAME KEEPS KICKING ME OUT /RAGE more info inside~   PowPowParn  6
 Game keeps kicking me out to Char screen wtf !   FBI_OO  10
 ***Official and Important *** VN will be merged into IGN next week   beibhinn  203
 I need two nighshade templates. One CV Lurikeen Pierce nighshde and   Yarikk  12
 April 5th 5v5 comments   Vyxar  20
 anyone play amnesia the dark descent?   Dragnious  7
 Someone got a Diablo 3 Beta key?   Schezza  8
 Describe your poop using an in game ability   carnesaur  76
 Is this going too far for a decal on my car?   ericstoons  47
 How Much Time do you invest VN boarding?   tokkahontas  8
 OT: American Pie Reunion April 6   Molachi  13
 @Endoriel   carnesaur  6
 (HIB) WTS lots of stuff   Kutsuu-G  22
 [ALB] WTB: ROG Shield(Small or Medium)   Faramire  10
 !!!VIDEO ALERT!!! Team Friendship 2 - Thidranki Badger Protectors   Valtio  51
 Why is it that tall characters do more DPS than short ones?   UncleWalty-G  25
 @ Hypnotoad   yeoson  10
 FUXX DA POLICE   Gurrier  2
 OT: Dark Knight Rises Outtakes   Ynisfre  12
 OT: The Masters   AudioslaveMID  7
 Stumbled Upon This   Hurley_FF  2
 WTS infernal caster sleeves Mid   Dark_RM  1
 I am quiting VN in a week   Novoal7  70
 TERA    mcez  4
 @ Thorbajord   Geeo  1
 WTT levi ring for ml10 chain legs ALB   Mezzedbyabear  9
 NEED CRAFTERS!!!   4f6e47f04c1622c067  1
 {ALB} WTT Leather Astral Legs(mine) for Astral Plate Legs(yours)   yeoson  12
 [MID WTS] Healer infernal sleeves   adonix  5
 [OT]: Charles Manson has a parole hearing next week.   -Fastbreak-  63
 @Mudoria   skiidz  21
 WTB HIB infernal caster sleeves!   Geeo  3
 Want to buy a few items on mid !   Congolo_Europe  8
 [OT]: Google's Project Glass   -Fastbreak-  31
 EA store broke?   Geeo  4
 {OT} Ted   yeoson  9
 [OT]: The Masters   -Fastbreak-  31
 ML Suggestion instead of Ments getting baseline SW   Dyn-Nothgrim  11
 MLB: Opening Day   Galandor  29
 Can we get slam immunity timer set to its proper duration?   Vegamitex  8
 [ALB] WTS Mephetic Fang   Cruut_Pellinor  15
 ** Thursday Post Ratings (04/05/2012) **   beibhinn  19
 OT - Jeb Corliss vs Table Mountain.   Auberne  8
 OT - LOL   Mooshaka  16
 [WTB] PL on Alb/Hib ... ROG Healing Ring/Belt on Mid   Nantrox  1
 @Lakko    AudioslaveMID  12
 WTB: Mid Caster Infernal Sleeves   Kook_  10
 Thane Temp Help improve!   Chupacabara  7
 Malcon playing again!   Biggio_83  1
 OT: Going to get serious for a moment~   Rolledbythechamp  64
 Need Quick SC [MID] 4 items Paying Well!   Alpine707  3
 @the 3-4 rr2 ns's at mid agra 1   Khronz  17
 @ Team Valk   Balcor13  23
 An Ancient Mento(tm).. To Eat, or Not to Eat.   Azzhatt  4
 WTS: Hib Studded Infernal Sleeves   Stangkilla  12
 @sigue   Molachi  2
 So aboot a week back in the game   JabbzLance  1
 @unkfuz/ryan   Kahzee  13
 BUV 4v4/5v5 event in an hour (8cst)   Riskymilk  13
 Selling Mail Sleeves of Eternal Retribution,Bracelet of Eternal Retribution [Midgard]   Studxz  3
 Hello Friends!!!   xBreakurfacex  20
 Help Massively's Editor with PvP Advice!   beibhinn  42
 EA voted worst company in America...   claygan  12
 Anyone know who has vampion account?   Ottosmackedyou  27
 Stat Debuff spell Effectiveness   CarlSpacklerGalunga  5
 whats hib op setup?   jdliving  40
 Dark Age of Camelot will be showcased on MMORPG's Twitch TV tonight!   Melt304  46
 So how many will consider?   basiliskUSN  13
 Can I play d3 with my 2008 system   Schezza  7
 [Mid] Healing Bonus ROGs   Nantrox  5
 Looking for CV insight for my BM.   MindCreepahs  13
 Just wow, really?   Yackety_Yack  2
 DAOC wont start! help please   Monovep  8
 Ml10 tank cloak change. Like, dislike, don't care?   Whiplashz  55
 @Vectiv   Azapz  3
 Have you ever done online dating?   raarrr  32
 Looking for plat trade my alb plats your mids    Ethward-Ethnas  1
 Need sc'er on alb   adonix  4
 [Game Thread] - Answers and Questions   beibhinn  27
 WTB 2x timecards 300p   raarrr  9
 Should we get rid of cloak shear now?   Zultanious  37
 Gruesome Twosome accepting challengers   Vegamitex  19
 VALK LOVE   Kahzee  18
 Old player and I miss the realms   4f7ba874e4b00809b7  9
 {OT} Video Card   draybook  1
 WTF NERF NS RANGE   Tanik1  77
 The New Patch   Yackety_Yack  41
 Game of thrones season 2 episode 2   AudioslaveMID  18
 Official Thread: LOL @ Assasins, WTF @ MENTS?   skiidz  12
 Question about Account Management   ___Tty___  15
 Need advice plz   LittleShadow  7
 Mentalists finally getting speedwarp   Zaeix  77
 Patch 1.112 coming to Pendragon!   Melt304  272
 There are Tornados moving around and in Dallas   Galandor  24
 @Leir   Rolledbythechamp  4
 Darkspire: [alb]   Faramire  19
 ~~~~~~~~~~CONGRATULATIONS TO REINCARNATE (kWEL) ON RR11~~~~~~~~~~   Falros  30
 who wants to go tornado chasing in dallas with me    Khronz  10
 [ALB] WTB Arcane Infused Armband   Faramire  5
 How many DAoC'ers does it take to kill one Leviathan?   JerkyDale  10
 Total Recall    FBI_OO  37
 Here is a tip from a pro   carnesaur  30
 WTT plat from Alb to Mid   Rolledbythechamp  6
 OT...What do you use your X-box Kinect for?   Neo_____  14
 Ever go back to your old server threads and read them?   Neo_____  20
 [MID] Selling Duration ROGs   Nantrox  13
 @baneofwomen   Kahzee  1
 Compound Bows   draybook  10
 Debate about shaman   Hitory  37
 Anyone else notice?   RennieMead  25
 @ Natebrunner   NinjaTurtle1974  8
 @Zeak   Molachi  14
 @waaj   Zeak_GER  1
 Theurg spex for the ultimate in lockdown   Auberne  18
 WTB someone to open my account :(   Cruut_Pellinor  14
 Im no advertising guru but.....   raarrr  6
 Bootin up 14 day free return   thorikos  23
 @Aussies   ykcin89  58
 what to do while my account is down ?   Cruut_Pellinor  5
 Anyone leveling on Hib?    Lakobaath  9
 @kairay    Vicomtessa  4
 CL Resists and Arcane Commands Resists - Do they Stack?   skiidz  7
 ~~~~~~~~~~~ GRATS RAVEN ON RR4 ~~~~~~~~~~~   katnnip  5
 If.....   ykcin89  5
 @Fastbreak   Mezz101  13
 Why didn't they just shoot him in the foot?   Schezza  66
 OT: Wildcats!   Vailside  13
 [ALB] No Phux Were Given: Recruiting   Mcbeavex  6
 @Micaelangelo   Kahzee  34
 WTS on Alb for Mid plat   Cruut_Pellinor  21
 WTB PL Alb   SDFaced  8
 Whats your fav rr5 ability both look and action?   Kahzee  22
 Valks.. can shield spec be effective...   Cruut_Pellinor  49
 (-=-=-=-=-=-WTB Hib=-=-=-=-=-)_)============================ D~~~~ *   UncleWalty-G  9
 @ Andys and Bowa aka Nuchos   ctown6918  26
 Selling Hib Summoners Halls   Vegamitex  5
 anyone wantin alb pl   Ethward-Ethnas  31
 vuze + bt junkie   Monovep  5
 anyone wanna make a xp group on hib    Earl_Johns  1
 OT - Worst company in America   Toughest  45
 Speakno   Novoal7  7
 Wrestlemania 28   Galandor  31
 ~@# GRATZ VEGAMITE #@~ DING 19 IRL #@~   Niek-  29
 MOH VS Wild Healing   Kahzee  35
 @Azap   Rolledbythechamp  4
 Theurg temps with dur   Auberne  7
 How many songs are in your music library?   sadbad_Pellinor  36
 @Swinsky   BodyguardTheGreat  6
 L-0-L, HOCKEY TROLLZ   Galandor  3
 @Nabdya   Rolledbythechamp  10
 @ Dralil   ctown6918  1
 @Grinmd   Rolledbythechamp  3
 HIB: LGM SC/ALCH/AC LFW   Leoj-Kay  1
 All PL Teams down now?   Nantrox  3
 wtb pl on hib   Earl_Johns  1
 @fbi   Overshieldy  19
 arms_svg_hunter_scout_minst_profanity_20120402   Zeak_GER  15
 Infernal Ranger/BM sleeves   Stangkilla  1
 xp on hib   Earl_Johns  1
 Is it worth to add debuff spell effectiveness to a template?   Nantrox  13
 Vent pls khronz    Ethward-Ethnas  4
 Servers down?    Hysterico  2
 In a restaurant..   Cruut_Pellinor  9
 ...   Cruut_Pellinor  1
 BUFFSTERIA quitting till summer break?   BuffsteriaCantBuff  14
 looking for a sc on hib    Vicomtessa  6
 Self-Gratz <<<<Nualaanxx RR7>>>> again...   Noogin  8
 WTB MID   GT_mrpolarbear  36
 @tokka   UncleWalty-G  2
 OT: I present you with..   redlegOIF  36
 Bodyguardsback Crazy Uber Solo BERSERKER Template - Don't Stop BELIEVING!   BodyguardTheGreat  38
 Solo/Smallman Minstrel - Advice Please   skiidz  15
 Freelance Psy looking for active Theurgist/cab   Darkblood77381  19
 Dear Dr Dre   TheGarfield  31
 Audio Emoticons come to DAoC: Patch Notes    Oldboy2  16
 Patch 1.111j Goes Live on Tuesday 4/3!!   Melt304  20
 Getting Slayer Armour on CV toons?   ricjeid  24
 [MID] WTB 11 peice SC - 25p   Novoal7  21
 OT - Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1: The North Remembers   Mooshaka  71
 @4players   Zeak_GER  55
 @Diavail   Stangkilla  43
 [HIB] - WTB dur/debuff ring   -DT  20
 Ok... well... this is goodbye   Trepx21  25
 EA annouces DAoC to be "shut down" in May.   _skreWball_  38
 [ALB] WTB RoG   Devaster-S-  8
 @@@@ GRATS GEVALLEN ON RR12 @@@@@@@   Balcor13  51
 OT: Looking to get my first rifle   Salran  53
 your first level 50   Whiplashz  118
 Spartacus Vengeance Finale   Galandor  44
 Class Focus: Sorcerer. Let's have a discussion!   Lakobaath  80
  @ This Sunday 4 / 1 / 12 - Agramon ( 8 v 8 )   Lauras_Nova  83
 @ ZIOX   mrjingles-iseult  1
 WTB MID Leather Infernal Sleeves   Achilles_17  13
 Hib Afrit mob for healing bonus   yeoson  18
 HIB PL   cryptsid  1
 Jornns   Chill_  2
 [MID] WTB ML10 Chain Leggings   kujii  4
 ¤°~ The Official Cathal Valley Thread - Part 4 ~°¤   -Fastbreak-  1657
 Anyone still trade time cards for plat?   Dogunugh  20
 Video .. Solo .. Duo ... Trio   buabtheisland  20
 TOPIC - Class Focus: Mauler. Let's have a discussion!   Lhur  67
 ~ + !! The Official Molvik Thread Part 27 !! + ~   -Fastbreak-  409
 ~ + !! The Official Thidranki Thread Part 8 !! + ~    -Fastbreak-  836
 OT: Funny Motivationals (post em)   awsten  1986
 OT: Hottest Motivationals (post em)   awsten  6529
 DAoC Video Database   -Damaja-  283

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