Author Topic: beats vnboards!!!
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Subject: beats vnboards!!!
Ever since the start of the VNBoards for DAOC, the server Bors was always trouble IGN. We were the rowdiest and loudest of all the DAOC servers. If our posts had been spread out world wide, if would have ignited WW3. We took our gaming to serious nerd levels and played the game hard. Why some of us, no names, would go to work and curse the world until we could get back home and kill some fraggin albs!

But when I say rowdy, I mean "Curse you out, sleep with your mom, kill your dog, and everything else under the sun" type of posting. Some peeps admitted to taking meds after reading our posts. Stealth Wars, guild wars, raiding thefts, zerging wines, solo battles, and just all sorts of flaming stories would cause 150 pages of utter raging nerd wars between all who posted. None was spared the attacks of the nerds!!

Then the IGN mods started cracking heads and whips. They started banning ANYONE who made a single mistake. There was a zero policy going on and many innocents were sent packing in order to make a statement. No less than 50 people were banned in one day because of a Bors server protest.

Well, some good people of the bors servers decided to make a place of their own to post. This was a place where anything could be posted and none would be banned, unless they were racist or posted child porn, in other words, were just stupid.

It is still going strong today. Enemies that fought for years against each other are now nerd friends, helping with knowledges of gaming, technical computer stuffs, sports, politics(God save us), and whatever. We still have tremendous flame wars from time to time, but nothing on the grand 1000 post scales of old.

The irony of this is sweet of course, that a small community would out last the corporate haters who wanted complete control. Kind of like Obama. Heh. OMG POLITICS POST! LOOK OUT!

Well, let me first get this out of the way ... Na na na na naaa naaa!! We win!!!

Now, let me say goodbye to an old friend.

DAOC was a great game. I played it for 10 years. I will probably play it again before it dies. But make no mistake, the people made this game what it was and THESE VERY BOARDS made the drama that much better and the battles that much more intense, because we all took it serious and had fun with it. I wont go back and mention the huge war of words we had with each other on here, but man oh man did we have a lot of fun on the Bors Server Boards. We had tons of fun on the Killibury board and to a lessar extint, Ywain. The VNboards really allowed us to vent and praise and have a good time.

So thanks VNboards for the good times we had here. Oh yeah, stick it in ya ears, ya mod monkey buttholes!

come to BORSBOARDS.COM, fello bros and sis's.

Oh yeah goodbye to all our friends and for the last time on the vnboards......

End of Line.


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Subject: beats vnboards!!!
hey there deerhunter


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Subject: beats vnboards!!!


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