Subject Author Replies
 VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards   KhaanVrenn  0
 Keys and Coins   Kat_Jekura  0
 WTT Imbue Swap Gems for yours on TD   Poppyspitter  1
 1 woa for 1 on dt   Mangekyuu  0
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  4
 5 Casino Keyrings and 30 coins for same on SC   Rhaza  0
 4 Grand Casino Keyrings and 24 Imbue Tokens here for the same on DT, FF, or HG   Oreomadness_Forever  0
 6 writs 36 coins HERE , for only 6 writs on dt!   ToshPointO  0
 6 grand casino keyrings for the same on Solclaim   Bob_The_RadialSander  0
 WoA trade   BlightDT  0
 Anyone know?   De_Lorian  0
 Capture The Flag - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  2
 Imbue coins and Casino Keys for the same on FF   zuizide  0
 for trade 6 writs here for 6 on DT!    ToshPointO  0
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 ISO: Information on Post-Patch Rare Weapons Black Thistle and Desert Wyrm.   TehPersianStallion  0
 New melee weapon damage max stats    Gibbon_raver  0
 GC keyrings here for DT ones   DemonicTutor  0
 5 golden keyrings (writs of apology) for 5 on MT!   brad-rands  2
 Ft 7 casino keyrings, iso darktide or frostell keyrings   Wheeltide  3
 Does Elles still play?   solidstate101  1
 60 Imbue Swap Coins for Coins/Writs on Leafcull   4f42d9914c1624e1c8  1
 Hi all!   Nimrod_al_Bennen  0
 Hmmm   Its_Me_Marioo  0
 Writs of Apology here for same on DT   Dark_Druid  0
 Writs of Apology here for DT writs   Neomatter  1
 FT: 14 WoA or Casino keys here for same on MT   _Rascal_  0
 ******Writs of Apolly on HG*****   Boy_Kai_HG  0
 1 writ of apology FT for same on Solclaim   HellcaraxRS  0
 FS 3 Writs of Apology ISO same on DT   LaceTP  0
 Looking for Writs of Apology on Darktide   Prodan-FF  0
 An alternate proposal to prevent us from losing all our quest weapons   Televangelist  1
 6 Golden Casino Keyrings on VT for 6 Golden Keyrings on HG?   bryan1979  0
 Whats the active pop here?   NeoNator  2
 21 casino keyrings (writ of apology) for same on TD   SnotRocket_TD  0
 Writ of apology x5   Ackeblack  1
 Trading 2 Writs of Appology for Darktide Writs or MMDs   Skoli  0
 5 writs of apology for trade for same on FF   Faythless_one  3
 5 writ of apologies for same on frostfell   Owndizzle_FF  2
 5 writs of apology ISO same on DT   dragon_wolf64  1
 VN Boards Poll - Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 Looking for Pre Patch Leather ( Coat + Leggings ) On Frostfell   CoffeeandBagel  0
 So does anyone know?!?   Thieflord2  0
 FT 5 Writs of Apology on VT for items on DT or FF   Gigo_bite  0
 Wanted to let you know   Arathorn06  20
 Got FP on FF?   Darq_Nightmare  1
 peculiar old key   Arathorn06  1
 Need Vtank help! (melee)   Squirmy_the_C-Men  1
 i have returned   Arathorn06  2
 FT: ONE Bags of Fool Proof Salvage (Any Type) Write of Apology Reward.   Bud_bundy  0
 Cross-Server Fool Proof Salvage Trade: 6 here in exchange for 6 on DT   Meola  0
 WTT Rank 7 on Verdantine for Rank 6+ on Frostfell   kazpr1  0
 Looking for *PrePatch* items on *Darktide*   AresMorae  0
 FS bags of Fool Proof salvage of YOUR choice!   Dj_cide.  1
 AC Nostolgia Podcast   spankinbunker  0
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  0
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  0
 Re Roll Chain on DT Round 2   Night-Spirit  2
 Ahhh yes I remember VT   Maxendy12  1
 Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside   Night-Spirit  0
 Galahad says hello!   srtooley  0
 Level 20 and Under PK Competition   Fenping_DT  4
 Currently Known 10/12 Gift Box Locations   Silo_HG  2
 Patching Failed because Downloaded file was corrupted?   El-Diablo-of-DT  1
 So my DT Experiment was a success...   Daernwyn  25
 Howdy   Majielle  8
 this is bs   Arathorn06  4
 Does anyone that plays VT read these boards?   Shedao-Shai  10
 Hi   Hockey171717  5
 Thinking about moving here   The_Mad_Ant  3
 Authentication failed. Please try again   Midnightcanine  1
 Official Petition Agsinst this new Town Hub!   Chaos_Arrow_MT  0
 Can anyone help me return to the game?   Midnightcanine  8
 ISO Epics on   TheQster  101
 good morning   bug1269  0
 Name's JMB, is this server PVP?   picklefualker  2
 Game Error   TntDinomite  0
 checking   LegendaryDarktider  0
 "The connection to the server has been lost!"    Rahvin_222  0
 Darktide Recruits Welcome   Shokta13  2
 returning   urkapt  4
 Merry Christmas!!   pkhere  3
 and finally after almost 3yrs   Arathorn06  1
 Looking 4 rank   Olde_Codger  2
 10th Anniversary   Elly_LC  10
 The Proposition   Churi-ya  10
 Does anyone still play VT?   s_a_n_t_a  74
 The VT Remembrance thread.. Post your most missed fallen heros here!)(@*   Obsquacious_Q  261

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