Author Topic: VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards
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Subject: VN possibly closing some or all Asheron's Call boards
It has been confirmed that IGN is going to be consolidating the VN message boards. They will be moving some to the IGN side, and dropping others completely. It has not been revealed which boards will receive the axe, and which will live on.

As an alternative, I have opened up our guild website to the entire Asheron's Call community. We at the Neon Knights have not gamed together as a group for several years, so everything I put up 2 years ago has basically just sat collecting dust. I have gone in and re-adjusted the Forums for complete Asheron's Call support, which includes INDIVIDUAL SERVER Forums, like this one, that you are accustomed to. The Forums are feature rich, and are extremely similar to how these are setup. The learning curve will be almost non-existent and transparent. We have other nice features, like file attachments within forum posts, etc. The website itself is also a full featured content management system, so besides the Forums, there are also Download areas, Weblinks, etc.

I welcome any and all to come sign up, and begin helping to build what might be the last community effort in full support of Asheron's Call, that is not connected to, or run, by Turbine. The Neon Knights have been in existence before AC Beta, and as the site is run on a dedicated server, we will maintain it until Turbine turns off the lights on AC. We need content, content managers/editors, forum mods, the whole shebang!

My moniker there is Wizarium_of_NK, once you're registered, please drop me a Private Message there (or here for that matter) for Forum access.


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