Author Topic: Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside
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Subject: Creating a Re Roll Chain on DT info Inside
Hello all my fellow friends, I am creating a re roll chain on DT. If any of you were looking for a opportunity to try the Darker side of this game this is your chance.

Well now that I am back and playing from scratch, I might as well get some cool people to join me. I am looking to create a re roll chain. I have ton's of experience in running chain's as I ran the Blood chain for many years, and was one of the major reason's it got so big. Now what I am looking for is simple, a new re roll chain to give anyone a chance to start fresh, make a new template make new friends and ultimately have a new guild. It will be a simple chain, first come first serve. Once all are sworn into the line chosen, we will all start leveling on a specific date, to give all enough time to swear in and get situated. Once the chain is completed everyone is free to go off and level, we will run a Nub Hub Party for fast leveling. Then all in the chain/clan are welcome to chose hunting spot's where we can safely macro with protection. We will run quests, have Pk parties, as well as training on fighting.

I have done this before when I ran my own guild, we had training weekly on group fighting, solo fighting and ganking. I want to effectively train you to fight, to work together and to take out groups with just a few people. I have proved this when I took over light prop from Khao and stopped them dead in they're tracks at every turn. For those that were there will know, those that were not I invite you to try something new and experience a family, not just some random tag.

To start please Pm my or respond on here with comments questions and worry's, or flame away I do not care. I will be looking for help as well to make up my team of leaders. So again please message me on here or Pm my and let's get this going. I am shooting for Jun 1st start date could be later depending what needs to be done, but I will keep you all informed. Thank you


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