Author Topic: Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011
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Subject: Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011
Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011

Many have seen my list before and I try to update it for new things that get added, but it is not complete without other player’s ideas.

If anyone has any pull with Turbine. I have given ideas along time ago that would make this game a lot better (some have been implemented and some still need to be). Feel free to add your ideas as well. Maybe if someone with Turbine see's something they like. We might actually get it. Feel free to repost this any place appropriate.

#1. Active Players... Now I know AC is not were Turbine / WB’s is trying to drive there money from, but if you are going to have a game up and running. Wouldn't you want as many players as you could get? I'm not saying advertise like the game was new, but any way to at least get the game back in stores on the vender shelves? I can still buy Diablo in stores, but why not Asheron's Call. Alot of people have never heard of Asheron's Call now and if they saw it in stores would buy it just to check it out. Once they are here hopefully the ideas below would make them want to stay.

#2. Housing... Allow players to move hooks any place in a house. Allow anything to be hooked any place in a house. Give every house a vender that would sell items for you even when not in game (give people a reason to explore others houses). The bigger the house the more the vender can hold (only the owner of the house can load and unload a vender or anyone on the chest permission list).
Armor stands that you can display a whole suit of armor (including jewelry), that can be taken off and worn at any time. I feel like 90% of the house is useless. Most just buy for the chest storage.

#3. PvP.... Give PvP a purpose. Players fight over (object, trophies, locations, etc.). Black market was a good idea until there was no reason to have access to it. Put for sale on the venders stuff that can’t be gotten any place else. Put entrances to good fighting spots that drop good loot and XP inside the Black Market. These items would give those players that have or hold the items something special. Don't make it something dumb like the more kills you have or people will just macro kills with there muiltiple accts. Also I'd like to see a PvP chat, just my opinion here I say if you are pink you can only chat in PvP chat and after you die for the next 2 min's. Now if your red I think your name should appear as red when you chat and should be allowed access to all chat. I was thinking if a society holds a fort then it would give any character in that society a added bonus like Fort #1 adds +5% melee defense and Fort #2 adds +5% magic defense.

#4. UCM... Make monsters that have AI. The more times I kill a olthoi bug with blunt damage the more resistance they are to it (for a limited time). This would create a constant change. Give all monster a percent chance when they die a harder monster will appear or it might re-spawn with a random increase in a stat or change of weapon. Think if a UCM'er was only using a blunt weapon to kill Olthoi and it re-spawns a hollow Olthoi. Or even killing a simple rat might a chance to spawn harder rat. I’m not saying this would rid all of the UCM but this idea could make it more interesting to fight in what is otherwise forgotten and never fought in places.

#5. Weapons... Give tinkers a way to create (player created) weapons (weapon craft skill). Make loot generated weapons appropriate for monsters levels. If I want no wield weapon I expect to go kill low level Drudges, but if I'm looking for max stat weapons I'd have to kill highest level monsters. Increase the times a weapon can be tinked but don't decrease the difficulty to tink them over 10 times. I want a chance to 20 tink a weapon at 5%. I want to see tinker made weapons (see salvage below). Lets bump up the damage on useless weapons like spear, dagger and staff to bring them in line to be a use full fighting skill.

#6. Armor... Give tinkers a way to create (player created) armor (armor craft skill). Maybe use the salvage that has no use right now. I wan't to see a pure gold chainmail finely crafted out of gold salvage. A partial set bonus for like kind armor worn would be fun. (Force those non-stylish players to look good). I.E. if I’m wearing a leather girth and a leather Tassets the two would hook together in a better fashion than if I was wearing a leather girth and chainmail tassets increasing the AL maybe 10 for each piece that is adjacent to another like armor. So a full leather single slot suit would have all the pieces increase AL by 10AL and the Upper arms, Lower Arms, Chest, Girth, Upper Legs and Lower legs would have a increase of 20AL since they hook with 2 pieces of like armor. Make loot generated armor appropriate for monsters levels. (see weapons above for example)

#7. Salvage... Since I touched on salvage I'll go ahead and give my idea. I want to be able to combine different types of salvage say 50 units of work 10 gold and 25 units of work 10 silver and 25 units of work 10 peridot and then apply this to the armor craft/ weapons craft idea. Using different combinations would make different colors and different abilities (New abilities only obtained from player crafted armor or weapons). If needed put in new salvage types to make this work.
I’d love to see a small number on each bag of salvage icon of the work of that bag.
Need a + Nether Protection by 0.4 salvage

#8. Characters... I'd love to see different classes of characters that have totally different abilities, not just different color skin. Don't hate me but I liked how you could play totally different types of characters in AC2. None of this I'm a mage, this month I'm an archer, now a sword fighter. All of our current classes could have sub-classes. I.E.. Mages. buff mages, war mages, life, creature, Item mages (give each magic class a way to fight without having to have war or void magic, something like life drains but make them in line with war and void damage). We currently can have all these in one character but if an (spec’d) item mage could only cast magic on items and they had a dramatic effect. Like de-buffing monsters weapons X 50 and (spec’d) item mages could be used to apply magical abilities to tinker crafted items. (Spec’d) Buff mages could do fellowship buffs that no other mage could do and they had a radius usage from the mage that casted them. (Spec’d) War mages were pure damage, (Spec’d) creature mages could summon creature to help fight.
Since the game has been around for so long we need to increase the level and stat cap.
Make melee characters be able to wield anything in both hands, Like 1 dagger in each hand at the cost of no shield, give shields a Bash back damage so if someone wanted to they could wield 2 shields with Bash back damage from both shields (in addition if I have Sword and dagger trained I could equip a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. Skill check still in effect).

#9. Monsters... I touched on my monster ideas under UCM. Monsters need AI/ learning abilities. Let monsters level based on their kills (up a certain amount based on time and they go back to their original levels). Can only go up a certain amount like max 20% there current levels or else people will purposly level monster up and leave them. Monsters need to use what they drop. Only melee monsters drop melee weapons and archer monsters drop archery weapons. Put a percentage that a monster that using an unique weapon that he might actually drop his weapon or his armor. Same with mage monsters give them a percentage chance to drop a rare spells that that monster uses and his armor.

*10 Rares... I love the idea behind rares but lets be serious. How many of the rares are actually wanted. Maybe what 8 different ones in the first 3 tiers. Take out the totally useless ones and kick up the drop rate of upper tier rares. I've played for 11 years now and have never found a top tier rare. I'd like to see rare sets for armor to go along with our set armor we have now and this could even be taken 1 step father and put out rare set armor and weapons with majors, epics and when are we getting Uber spells on equipment?
Overhaul Tier 5 rares so they don’t just cast lvl 7 spells that most characters can cast anyways. Rework tier 4 rares so usages match the chance of that rare to drop, about the only wanted tier 4 rare is the skely key.

#11 Land... Ok so how much of the land is actually played by majority of the players? Like 25% maybe. Lets do something with the land everyone just runs by to get to another location. More random portals to special fighting locations. Why not have water access available? I'd love my tinker to used Pine salvage to make a small boat and maybe use Teak salvage to make a larger boat for maybe a whole fellowship.
The in Game Map needs a grid overlay that shows base coordinates.

#12. Pets... Now why don't we have controlable pets? I say each character can have up to 2 pets that you could assign to do a task. Maybe one that can't be damaged but does no damage that could loot within a certain distance from you and another that you could assign to either help heal you, help fight (little damage), help by casting special buffs that no one else can do on you.

#13. Portals… Well I wasn’t to happy about the Town Portal Hub, but I guess you can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time and I have come to accept it. Ok so we got a town portal hub now lets give people a reason to travel and put in more random portal to really good fighting places or random portals to NPC venders that sell stuff at 50% discount and a buy rate of 150%. This would make it worth while to go look for these portals. These random portal should be random on what can be summoned, recalled to and tieable.

#14. Skills… Skills have been the same for most of the 12+ years with the exception of a few new added. I think it would be cool to see a total rework of current skills (see weapons and character above) this could be also applied to monsters. Good job with adding Void magic, now Void mages need a lot of the spells war mages have. Void Spells Needed: Wall, Nether Bane, Nether Protection Self and Nether Protection Other.
Would be cool to see some other Attributes implemented like Fear, Charisma, Loyalty, Leadership and Age. Just a few ways this could pertain to a character. Fear could affect how monsters around you act. Charisma could affect how NPC vender charge or price offered to buy items from a character. Loyalty could affect title in an allegiance and could apply to certain quest that you’d have to have a length of time sworn to one person to do. Leadership could be after a high enough Leader title you could add a Sir Name to a character (with the option to turn this off or on)
Titles should have direct bearing on a character. Like a bonus or an Aetheria style Sigil bonus. This would give people a reason to want more titles. Would be cool if title bonuses stacked. So those players who spend the time to get them get a benefit.

#15. Bugs and Fixes… Fix the shown XP passed up from vassals and given to patron on the allegiance panel.
Increase the limit for friends list and squelch list on each character.
Make it so my squelch/ friends list rolls over from character to character.
Show who is the leader of a fellowship on the fellowship panel.
Make it so if someone doesn’t want any title shown there is a “Show no title” option.
On the map panel show a basic grid line for cords and give cursor hover info for all yellow dot and towns on the map.
Under Urgent assistance put a few extra tabs IE: “Stuck Character” after clicking it would spawn your character over 10 feet to a known safe spot without the need of an envoy’s help. A “log all characters out of game” would be nice too for when characters get stuck in save mode.
Assign different color text for each type chat. Like Red for people who are Red speaking, Pink for PKlites speaking, etc. etc and allow each type to be turned off or on. So if PKlites only want to see other PKlite chat they can just turn only that on.
On the Components panel it would be cool if we could add items to keep track of what a character has there. For Example: I like to keep track of how many Mana Stones I have and on my money mule I like to keep track of how many MMD’s he is holding (this could be effective in restocking too. If I have mana stones in my Components list when I type /fillcomps it would attempt to buy those also.

#16. Items… Allow (any use) Mana Forge keys to be added to key rings.
I'd like to see Tinkers be able to make location runes and an item mage be able to cast a spell on them to lock them to the location the item mage is standing. Then these could be sold to any player and maybe if they have a special potion made by a alchemist, they could use that potion on the rune to go directly to that location (no matter if it was inside or outside) Of course if it's level restricted or flag needed you couldn't go unless flagged or the right level. This would allow people to be able to travel around and shop at peoples house venders (if it was in the game).
I want to see us be able to place backpacks inside other containers. Since having just a chest or two in most cases causes a lot of people to not be able to help other players due to lack of storage and or using your chest for putting your trade notes in. If we could put backpacks into the chest this would allow us to organize and be set up for multiple task and help others. I'd probably have a different backpack for different quest.

#17. Contracts and Quest… Great job with adding the contracts. Now just remove the limit of contracts a player can have and add contracts for every quest.
Quest that require one of the different skills to proceed (like lock pick) but more like walls that can only be affected by Life magic or just Void magic or one the other listed skills above. Would be cool if a fellowship would have to have a (Spec) Item mage to get past a bridge or a (Spec) Creature mage to summon a pet tree to fall and act as a bridge. This could also be applied to character races. Like a Gear Knight could only open a Gear Door or a Sho character could be the only one to interact with a NPC in the middle of a quest to continue for the fellowship.

#18. User Interface Display… I’d like a way to hide individual windows. Like I’d like to remove the Chat window, Hot key Window, Attack Bar window and the Window that shows the 6 green circles (maybe leave this one but make it transparent to access controls). Kind of like you can close the backpack and make the game play window bigger

#19. Other Stuff... Well this is where I just wanted to add more ideas.
We need a bank system or allow us to stack trade notes higher than 250 per stack (why are trade notes limited in stacking in the first place?). I like to keep a decent amount of trade notes on hand for those special purchases. I currently have to dedicate one alternate character for this. If I had a bank system or could stack them in stack of 1000+ I could actually use my house chest for this allowing my other characters to play.

I hope to hear some of the great ideas from the wonderful friends I have made over the past 12 years.


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