Author Topic: "The connection to the server has been lost!"
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Subject: "The connection to the server has been lost!"
I bought a new computer and am making an attmept to play AC again. I come here to the boards to see if one of you can help me.

Running Windows 7
DSL internet with at&t ISP

When i attempt to log in, i fill up the first vial then "The connection to the server has been lost!" message pops up.

Corrective action taken:
Uninstalled Norton
Installed Asherons call to C: drive NOT in Program files (x86)
Opened ports 9000-9013 on my router. Bypassed router ran from modem direct.
Called ISP making sure the modem is configured to NAT.
Turned off firewall. Made exceptions for Acclient/aclauncher anyways.
Nerdraged out.

Any other ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


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