Author Topic: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!
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Subject: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!

Hey everyone, my first visit here, but I was wondering if anyone could help with an idea I had.

I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom into a completely different theme, at first I wanted a weird theme which is a cross between Goa, Astral, and Psy / Trippy stuff ( think: enchanted mushroom forest?? ) But I realized that this might be hard to pull off without looking tacky. I wanted UV reactive materials, so the room basicly transformed once the lights were out, but again, it reminds me of tacky college dorm type stuff =p

So here is what I was thinking, I want to use a UV light in the room and cover it up somehow so it gives the room a really ambient, eerie, purple glow. Nothing like direct light, infact it's better if people don't even realize it's a UV light. I also need to do something about the walls, atm this is a 11x11 cubicle of a room, all white walls, black drapes. Someone on another board mentioned using crushed velvet as a wall texture, as I dont want to resort to paint. Would this give the style I'm going for a good feel? I still really want to hang onto the Astral and "otherworldy" feel of the room, just without going tacky. I guess it's hard to explain but I want the room to end up fairly minimalistic, but still very abstract with attention to detail, if that makes ANY sense. I would also like to incorporate the artwork somehow but I am finding it hard. I'm pretty good at design in general but when it comes to the room design I truly want I find myself stuck between decisions. If anyone has suggestions they'd be highly appreciated. Here are some examples of artwork which might give you an idea of the style and feel I am going for.

I also have 6ft of black silk to utilize somehow, I'm looking to spend no more than $1,500 on the room, but yeah if anyone has any ideas let me know, any input is good input



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Subject: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!
You can easily make (or perhaps even buy) a light box for the UV light. Flourescent or incandescent?

If it's a flourescent tube, you can buy a pretty inexpensive fixture, and either wire it directly to a switch, or plug it in to an outlet. Mount it on the wall, fairly high up. Then, with a relatively thin, light wood (pine is fine--sealed and stained/painted as appropriate), build a box around the fixture--front, bottom, both ends--so the light is directed upwards. You may want to have the ends sloped outward, to get a better dispersion of the light. You just want to be sure the top is above the eye level of anyone who comes in--I'd say at the 7' point.

This is a very rough description--but hopefully will give you a starting point.


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Subject: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!
First things first, the darker you go, the smaller the room is going to look, so no matter what you do, leave the ceiling white. If you have to, paint the ceiling with accents of a UV reactive material, but don't paint the ceiling itself anything other than white.

Other than that, I don't really have any other ideas, other than maybe to use UV reactive paint on whatever fabric you use to create trees and such on the walls in the corners, and definitely make use of mirrors, because if you're going to go with dark walls, you need light disbursement from somewhere, and mirrors will help throw the light around.


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Subject: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!
For blacklight reactive, try woolite. In ordinary light, it will leave a slightly noticable residue on a white wall or ceiling, but it lights up quite a bit under blacklight. Another fun thing to do is find a clear contain that matches your "design theme" - I used empty bottles of alcohol when i was in college. All glass/no labels with the product name etched in or painted on work the best, as it leaves the most clear surface area. Take a highlighter, break open the outer case - take care not to make a mess. Drop the inside ink cartridge (it looks like a sponge surrounded by plastic) into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water, re-cap it, let is set for a few hours. The ink should diffuse into the water, and make the entire bottle (or flower vase or glass Buddha statue or whatever) glow under blacklight.


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Subject: Eerie glows, abstract designs, ambient dimensions, and more!
Move, that is a cool idea with the markers. I heard of anything like that.

I agree with leaving the ceiling white. Or, at least a light color. Having an all dark room will make the room seem much smaller.

I'd love to see pics of the room when you get it finished.


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