Author Topic: Gigantour 2006
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Subject: Gigantour 2006
Anyone else looking forward to it? Got my tickets saturday for the one in Arizona, should be a good show.

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And somewhere in the black distance,
Another herald puts down his flute,
And the dewy dawn creeps on,
And the night withdraws.
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Title: The Duke of Red
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Subject: Gigantour 2006
I'd see Megadeth for sure. However I'm a little worried. I heard it through the grapevine that Dave has become a born-again-christian and refuses to play certain songs because they're against his new found religion.

sick That's not good...

If I can gloat for a minute- I happen to know the guys from Lamb of God personally and they're probably the BEST band ever, socially. I don't even like their music, but they honestly are the nicest guys on the planet, period. Humble, self-depricating, not without a sense of humor, honest, open and genuine to the nth degree. They're everything a band should be.


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