Author Topic: Vegetables in FL
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Subject: Vegetables in FL
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Ok, the problem: I've been wanting to start a veggie garden for years now, but I'm not sure what I can actually get to grow here in FL. We have *alot* of bugs and I've always been afraid to try to plant anything other then flowers. ( Though, I do have the cutest little pineapple growing finally! A gift from the in-law. lol ) I've read a little bit here and there in Southern Living - but does anyone know a good resource or personal experience on what grows and how to keep it healthy in FL? I remember how hard it was in MI, when I'd help my great grandmother in her garden, but I'm all for trying! grin

( Btw, I'm still new to gardening so any tips would be warmly received. tongue )


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Subject: Vegetables in FL
First place I would start is your local home extension office through the county. Next I would start hitting plant nurseries, look for mom and pop type ones not the huge commercial ones that import all their plants.

Next walk around your block and look in other people yards Keep an eye out for a grandma type working in their yard. One of your best sources of information is your gardening neighbors, they will know what plants grow good and which ones to avoid. Just because they dont have vegetables in their yards does not mean they wont know which kinds to plant. The added benefit of this is, many times they will give you extra plants they have for you to take home with you happy or at least tell you where you can get the same plant. And you will have made a friend with a wealth of information you can learn.

easy plants to grow

Lettuce (leaf kind)
green onions
tomatoes (I have always grown cherry tomatoes even in apartments I just plant them in a big planter)
Carrots are easy but take a long time before you can eat them.

Then there is the whole squash family I am not sure exactly what kind of veggies you are wanting to grow.


Use the local birds to your advantage put out bird feeders and bird baths to encourage birds into your yard to help control insects. I would not use insecticides because in doing so you will kill the beneficial insects as well as the bad ones. Again this is something you can talk to your neighbors and the Extension agent about.


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