Author Topic: Port Forwarding Help
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Subject: Port Forwarding Help
I know this is the wrong forum to post this on but the Tech forum is DEAD. So here I go:

Ok guys, so I've gone through the "Port Forwarding" Guide and I'm stuck.

I made my IP address static.
Then, I went to my browser (FireFox) and entered in my Gateway IP address.
But, when I'm prompted for my "Username" and "Password" the username and password do not match up with username and password that I use to connect to my router when a new computer or any wireless connect, ect.

Router: Linksys WRT120N
OS: Windows 7

Any tips, suggestions? Where did I mess up?

Thanks guys.


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Subject: Port Forwarding Help
user name connection to router through a web browser will be


the default password is going to either be admin or password - unless someone changed it.


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